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What are the best and most important stories that have been told within the Star Trek Universe? Let's go through our pick of the top Star Trek stories you'll want to make sure you watch!

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Star Trek: Prodigy Trailer review....

Or as I’d like to call it, a level one party of noobs finds a Star Ship with a level 20 explorer in holographic form who loved coffee when she was flesh and blood as the Captain of Voyager.

Star Trek’s new animated series is coming! Released on Star Trek Day, the trailer for Star Trek Prodigy is an entertaining romp through the Star Trek animated universe.  Prodigy is very unlike its....

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As an avid fan of Star Trek and the owner of Mahannah's Sci-Fi Universe, one of the most common questions I hear about Star Trek is that there is so much of it...New people to the universe don't know where to even begin with catching up on it... Here is my list, in order, of how to introduce someone to the amazing galaxy of Star Trek.. 

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