1. Are the model lighting kits completed models?

No. Our model lighting and sound kits are professional lighting and sound kits only. The specific model kits are sold and assembled separately. We do not offer model building services, but we are associated with a few people & companies that do assemble, paint & even install our lighting & sound kits in your model kit for a fee. Please ask us & we'll be happy to help you get in touch with them!

2. Why does it take so long to receive my Star Trek Themed Sherpa Blanket and a few other items? 

Most of our products are made and shipped in the United States and shipped with free expedited shipping. A few of our products however, are made and shipped to order from our printing partners overseas and for obvious reasons, it just takes some time for these items to be made and delivered....Especially with the ongoing pandemic. We know that it's frustrating for you & it is for us too, but we have found a couple of partners that make great quality products & we want the best quality for our customers even if it takes a little more time. We state the longer delivery times in the product listings that the longer production & delivery times apply to and we will keep you updated on the progress of your orders!