War of The Worlds Martian War Machine Board for Lights/Weapons and Audio

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Mahannah's Sci-Fi Universe presents the TenaControls Martian War Machine effects board for the classic war machine from the 1953 movie by Pegasus Models!  

The MRWM-AA is now available to anyone that is serious about building the best Weapons Effects into their own Martian War Machine. (See Videos Below!!)

Add life to your Pegasus Models 1:48 scale Martian War Machine. All the connections to this boards are done to the 8 wire mating connectors, no soldering (to the control board).

This is a complete weapons effect board with a few extra goodies! The board is designed to provide all the Internal Lighting and two sound boards as well as Four Iconic Sounds, Hovering,Lasers,Eye Ray Blast and Ship Dying Sound. Due to these features, we can activate the Eye Ray Blast or Wing Tip Laser functions independently of each other or both and be heard simultaneously through their individual speaker just like in the movie - No waiting for one sound to stop so you can activate another one! Small enough to fit just about anywhere you'll feel comfortable placing it inside the ship, or in the base if you wish to place it there. In addition there is another momentary switch which will activate the ship dying sound, simulating the ships dying out at the end of the movie.

As always, TenaControls uses commercial grade components in all our controls for reliability and longevity. That is why we can offer a 5 Year Warranty for your peace of mind.

One (1) Fully assembled board
Three (3) momentary switch
One (1) 9-volt battery clip
Four (4) 1.8mm Green LED
Three (3) 5mm Green LED
One (1) 3mm BicolorLED
One (1) Led Strip Green
Wiring and shrink tubing for the LED
Five (5) resistors
Wiring Instructions
Two (2) JST 8-Pin Connectors
Two (2) speakers
Best warranty in the business - 5 Year Warranty
Made in the USA
Important: This board will also work on 12 volt DC supply.

Item# MRWM-AA (model kit not included)

 Note: The Base and plaque you see in the video below is not part of this kit. The base is from Wolfbase and the plaque is from HDAMODELWORX, We highly recommend them