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I'm Sean Mahannah, owner of Mahannah's Sci-fi Universe... (And that's my beautiful wife Jeni next to me.) I love Sci-fi... Specifically, I LOVE Star Trek. I started watching re-runs of The Original Series in the mid 70's when I was about 8 years old and fell in love with it. I remember sneaking to stay up till 10:30pm on Sunday nights just to watch it. (Yes young ones, that was waaaay before streaming, DVR's and even VCR's... It was barbaric compared to the tech that we have to watch our favorite shows today!) My parents even had a 8mm home reel-to-reel projector and we would actually rent the film versions of TOS from the library and watch them at home. I've seen every original series episode at least a dozen times. I remember wishing someone would make a new Star Trek..

A couple years later, my dreams came true when Star Trek - The Motion Picture came out. I was fascinated. The special effects were amazing, and my favorite crew from my favorite Sci-Fi series was back! Star Trek - The Motion Picture wasn't the most well received movie of the times, but Star Trek was back!

Since then, there have been 13 Star Trek movies and 9 Star Trek TV shows (with more shows in the works!). I have seen every movie and TV episode multiple times. I've also read dozens of books based on every series and movie in the franchise. I've accumulated so much information & knowledge about Star Trek over the years & I definitely consider myself somewhat of an expert on the franchise.

That's why I made this site in 2017... To share my love of this amazing franchise with fellow fans like you. We're a small business, but we love what we do and we want everyone who visits our site, or shops with us to love every second of their experience with us! We want this to become your place to go to share your love of Star Trek & Science Fiction. We're improving our site every day, but please let us know if there is anything we can do to make our site better.

We have items ranging from unique officially licensed collectibles like Eaglemoss star ships in the Star Trek and other Sci-Fi galaxies, amazing and unique one of a kind artwork by various artists that love Star Trek too, really cool model kit LED lighting and sound systems, and lots of other high quality, awesome gifts, collectibles and gadgets.. We're constantly adding items and content, so come back often!

Join our Universe and you'll find out about Star Trek information that we hear about... In the mood for some Sci- Fi related reading? Check out our ever expanding library of Star Trek & Sci-Fi related articles, bio's and breaking stories.

We'll also let you know when new items are available in our store! Best of all, you'll know about special offers & discounts before they go public & you'll receive special offers & discounts that only people who belong to our community will receive! Go ahead and sign up, you'll be glad you did!! Don't forget to join our conversations on our blogs/articles page, or join us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter.

We're also always available to talk to you by simply filling out the contact form below, or by email at customerservice@mahannahsscifiuniverse.com. We'd love to chat with you!