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NCC-1701, Original Enterprise, Ships of the line, Star Trek The Original Series, Star Trek TOS, Star Trek USS Defiant, TOS Enterprise, USS Enterprise Lineage -

Are you a "Star Trek" fan who wants to learn more about the ships used in the series? Here is your guide to the Constitution Class starships in Star Trek!

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Star Trek Christmas -

On the first day of Trek-mas, my Trek Friend sent to me

A Tribble in a Takka berry tree.

On the second day of Trek-mas, my Trek Friend sent to me.....

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Romulans, Spock -

Romulans were a humanoid species from the planet Romulus, which was the inhabited second planet of the Romulan system in Sector Z-6 of the Beta Quadrant. It was the adopted home world following their departure and exile from...

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NX-01, NX-01 Enterprise, Star Trek Captain Archer -

 Thank you to all the Students, Faculty, and Alumni for joining us here in San Francisco at the lovely main campus of Starfleet Academy for our continuing lecture series..... In this lecture, we will be joined by a Professor to discuss the “Journey of a Captain in Starfleet”. During each session, we will discuss the early beginnings of each Captain, their educational background, and their career with highlights of major missions and battles. 

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Enterprise D, Enterprise Refit, Enterprise- A, NCC-1701, NCC-1701-A, NCC-1701-D, NCC-74656, NX-01, USS Enterprise C, USS Enterprise Lineage -

Throughout its many series and movies, Star Trek has provided some innovative and other downright weird ships. Read on as we give our guide on the most famous Star Trek ships of all. 

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