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What makes a Star Trek movie great? Star Trek has been captivating audiences for decades with its thrilling space adventures and thought-provoking storylines. But what sets the best Star Trek movies apart from the rest? Let's explore the top 5 Star Trek movies of all time and find out!

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For those who haven't watched the series already and don't remember the Lost in Space movie from the 90s, or the black and white television show from the 60s oh, the Robinsons are the main set of characters in The Lost in Space franchise.

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What are the best and most important stories that have been told within the Star Trek Universe? Let's go through our pick of the top Star Trek stories you'll want to make sure you watch!

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Every era of Star Trek films has its strengths and weaknesses. No matter what era you pick from, there are always plenty of examples of superior film-making, great storytelling, and technological innovation....The three Star Trek movies that we selected for this list are the ones that expanded the borders of the franchise and ensured decades of future projects.

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