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Saru was a Kelpien from Kaminar who became the first Kelpien Starfleet Officer after messaging with Lieutenant Philippa Georgiou. He would later become acting Captain of the USS Discovery before assuming full captaincy after the Discovery moved 930 years into the future.

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What are the best and most important stories that have been told within the Star Trek Universe? Let's go through our pick of the top Star Trek stories you'll want to make sure you watch!

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“T'Kuvma was a beacon, a messiah to unite us. Deliver our race to dominance over a submissive galaxy.” ~VOQ  T'KUVMA T'Kuvma was a twenty-third century Klingon warrior that was the leader of his house and a devoted follower of the ancient teachings of Kahless, a tenacious traditionalist and also a Klingon superpatriot.    EARLY LIFE OF T’KUVMA T'Kuma was born in the House of Girjah, and was the youngest in his family. He had three older brothers and one elder sister. As a young boy, he was often bullied and intimidated by his elder brothers who always referred to him as...

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Gabriel Lorca was known for his impersonation of the Starfleet Officer Captain Gabriel Lorca of the Prime universe. His infiltration and deceit left lasting damage on the crew of the USS Discovery....

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(Updated 2-11-2022) Michael Burnham was known as a brilliant scientist, first officer of the USS Shenzhou, and then as a mutineer who received a second chance on the USS Discovery.  Early Life She was born on Earth in the year 2226 to Michael and Gabrielle Burnham. By 2230, her family resided aboard a space station. The isolation of the life aboard a space station caused her to develop a fear and bad dreams about shadows. To soothe his daughter, Michael told her the story of “The girl who made the stars”. In this story, based on the legend told by...

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