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It is Friday evening, the kids have finally gone to bed, and it is time for you and your wife/significant other to kick back and relax. Your both thinking that it would be nice to get lost in a movie for a while, so you start to flip through Netflix looking for something great to watch, but then the dreaded question comes up… “what do you want to watch?”. You might be ready to get Dr. Who, Star Trek, etc., but then you know what the answer to this question is; “I'm not sure what I want to watch, but...

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While the last century has held many opportunities for the destruction of Mankind through nuclear warfare, this particular time can only be described as absolutely terrifying, 

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William Shatner, also known as James T. Kirk, traveled to space aboard Blue Origin's New Shepard for a 10-minute suborbital flight last week. But he is not the first Star Trek actor in space. That honor lies with....

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A new Trailer dropped from New York Comic Con for Discovery! It teases plenty of action, and intrigue as the rebuilding Federation and the Galaxy faces a threat from an unknown anomaly that is....

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Star Trek Discovery recently released new set pictures and a trailer. As we wait for the new season (which will air sometime this fall) let’s review what we know and even do some speculation! Spoilers ahead!

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