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While the last century has held many opportunities for the destruction of Mankind through nuclear warfare, this particular time can only be described as absolutely terrifying, 

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Jean Luc Picard, a man who personified the Federation for much of the 24th century, was a Starfleet officer, diplomat, historian, archaeologist, and writer. He commanded the Federation’s flagships, USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D &...

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Ever wonder how all of the famous Captain's like Kirk, Janeway, Sisko & Picard became Captains??

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 Picard is the yang to Kirk's swashbuckling yin. He is equally powerful, though he often achieves poetically what Kirk did with brute force (verbally or with fisticuffs). The result is countless memorable lines....

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Star Trek has come a long way since the original series was canceled back in 1969. Today there is no question as to fan loyalty and desire for more space exploration. Not since the golden age of the Next Generation era have there been so many shows and films in production. With Discovery still going strong, Picard launching to rave reviews, and Lower Decks set to inject a more lighthearted tone to the franchise, fans have plenty to talk about. In this article, we'll explore Star Trek rumors for 2020 and provide the latest news on the fourth film in...

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