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Star Trek is a vast universe with numerous seasons and series, each containing a multitude of episodes. However, not all episodes are created equal. Some episodes have the power to captivate viewers, keeping them on the edge of their seats and delving deeper into the story. These episodes boast excellent characterization, adequate pacing, and amazing content. In this article, we'll explore ten such episodes from each of the completed "original run" series. 1. The Inner Light (Star Trek: The Next Generation) In this thought-provoking episode, Captain Picard experiences an entire lifetime in the span of a few minutes. Transported to...

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Are you a "Star Trek" fan who wants to learn more about the ships used in the series? Here is your guide to the Constitution Class starships in Star Trek!

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"The human adventure is just beginning..."

The huge success of Star Wars put a halt to the idea of a new Star Trek TV show and plans were shifted to that of a Star Trek feature film. The hope was to revive Star Trek with a feature film and that it would have the same success that Star Wars had enjoyed... It didn't, but...

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So, how exactly are the TOS USS Enterprise and its crew different from the Strange New Worlds USS Enterprise and its crew? And what is the connection between Captain Pike and Captain Kirk? We're looking at these questions and more right here.

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