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Star Trek is a vast universe with numerous seasons and series, each containing a multitude of episodes. However, not all episodes are created equal. Some episodes have the power to captivate viewers, keeping them on the edge of their seats and delving deeper into the story. These episodes boast excellent characterization, adequate pacing, and amazing content. In this article, we'll explore ten such episodes from each of the completed "original run" series. 1. The Inner Light (Star Trek: The Next Generation) In this thought-provoking episode, Captain Picard experiences an entire lifetime in the span of a few minutes. Transported to...

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Almost from the beginning, Star Trek fans have celebrated the show's concept in huge numbers. An expected 500 faithful at the first convention in 1972 ballooned to over 3,000 fans of Star Trek for a one-day event. Today, millions continue to follow the saga with firm loyalty.

Yet comparisons have emerged with a new TV show, The Orville by Seth Macfarlane. It quickly became apparent to many that the Orville TV Show took several design cues from one of the Star Trek franchise favorites.

Fans of Star Trek noted definite references to Star Trek The Next Generation. Yet, you might not know the similarities if you haven't seen the Orville TV show yet. This guide breaks down the elements that make these shows alike in several ways.

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