Star Trek USS Enterprise NX-01 Hallmark Ornament-2002

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Featuring Voice!

Die Cast Ornament with Display Base A unique ornament!

Are humans ready to explore deep space? The Vulcans have their doubts, but in the year 2151, Captain Jonathan Archer assembles an eager crew - including one Vulcan officer - to inaugurate a new era of discovery. The days ahead will be filled with wonder, excitement, and danger. "Starfleet seems to think we're ready to begin our mission," the Captain tells his crew in the first episode of the latest Star Trek adventure. It is the prequel to the legendary Star Trek universe, the story of galactic explorers in the first starship named Enterprise. "Prepare to break orbit ... and lay in a course," the Captain continues. "Take her out, Mr. Mayweather ... straight and steady."

To hear the Captain speaking, press the button on the top of the display base.


Uses three 1.5 volt button-cell batteries (LR44 batteries Not Included).

Artist: Lynn Norton Size: 5.25"L

Pre-Owned but in like new condition in original box