12v 1000mA (1Amp) LED Power Supply - AC to DC

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High-Quality 12V DC Power Supply for LEDs and Projects

Introducing our top-notch 12V DC power supply – the ultimate solution for illuminating your LEDs and powering various electronic projects. Let’s dive into the details:

Key Features:

  1. AC to DC Conversion: This power supply efficiently transforms standard AC household power (commonly found in the United States) into a stable 12V DC output. Say goodbye to complicated wiring – just plug it into the wall, and you’re good to go!

  2. Versatile Applications: Whether you’re working on LED displays, model trains, Arduino projects, or custom installations, our power supply provides a reliable and consistent 12V source. It’s a must-have for hobbyists, DIY enthusiasts, and professionals alike.

  3. Parallel Wiring: Connect your LEDs in parallel to this power supply for optimal performance. Each LED consumes approximately 20mA (milliamperes). With a robust output of 16.5A (16,500mA), you can power up to 37.5 LEDs simultaneously.

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How We Calculated the LED Count:

  • LED Current: Each LED draws 20mA (0.02A).
  • Power Supply Capacity: Our power supply delivers 16.5A (16,500mA).

Using the formula:

[ \text{LED Count} = \frac{\text{Power Supply Capacity}}{\text{LED Current}} \times 0.75 ]

We arrive at approximately 37.5 LEDs. Remember, we recommend operating the power supply at 75% of its maximum capacity for longevity and safety.

Customization and Considerations:

  • Different LED Currents: If your LEDs have a different current rating (not 20mA), adjust the calculation accordingly.
  • Wiring Configurations: Explore series vs. parallel wiring to achieve different LED arrangements. For simplicity, follow our parallel wiring suggestion.


These calculations serve as demonstrations. Always ensure that your power supply matches your project requirements. Safety first! We assume no responsibility for how you use them. 

Illuminate your creations with confidence using our reliable 12V DC power supply. Get yours today!

Remember, safety and proper usage are paramount. Happy building! 🌟💡