Star Trek Voyager Control Board and Remote Control System for the 1:677 Scale Model by Revell

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Star Trek Voyager Control Board and Remote Control System for the 1:677 Scale made by Revell

Provides the navigation,strobe,, torpedos, phaser and warp effects for the  The USS Voyager. (See demo video below!!)

Welcome a new addition to brighten up your VOYAGER model with Navigation, Strobes, Torpedos, Phasers and Warp Effect Control board. In addition to the control board you will also receive a remote control system specifically designed to activate the Torpedos, Phasers and Warp Effect. The remote control can control one more feature, the Navigational Deflector Dish board which needs to be purchased separately on the Enterprise 1701/A page. TenaControls uses the best commercial grade components in the manufacturing of all our controls.

Before shipping, each board is Digitally set in software to the correct time sequence, for the most accurate setting. This board and the remote control receiver board are small enough to fit nicely within the model. The only wires that come out of the ship are the two power wire and three wires for the two speakers.

Also included in Item# VYGR-BB kit:

One (1) Light and Weapons Control board
One (1) Remote Control board and 4 Button Transmitter
Two (2) White LED Strips for Warp Effect
Three (3) Micro JST Connector with wires
Four (4) Amber 1.8mm LED
Five (5) White Wired SMD
Five (5) Red Wired SMD
Five (5) Green Wired SMD
Eight (8) Blue Wired SMD
Two Speakers
Instruction manual
Wiring for the LED's
Shrink tubing
Best warranty in the business - 5 Year Warranty
Made in the USA
Important: No interior or window lighting supplied with this kit. This board will also work on 12 volt DC supply.

Model kit not included