Complete LED/Sound System For 1:350 Klingon K’Tinga Battle Cruiser-ParaGrafix Compatible

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Movie quality Klingon K’Tinga Battle Cruiser. Lighting kit set to Star Trek the Motion Picture 1979 (Directors Cut) Klingon battle.(See the demo videos below!!)

TenaControls Brings Models to Life! Add life to your Polar Lights 1:350 scale Star Trek Klingon K’Tinga Battle Cruiser.
(Model Kit is not included)
All the connections to this board are done to the 8 wire mating connectors.(Some soldering will be required to connect the LEDs to the wires)

The board is designed to provide all the Navigation Lighting, all the (Optional) Strobe Lighting, Glowing Impulse Engine, Internal Lights, Front Torpedo and Rear Torpedo with built in audio sound of the sound. This board is powerful, yet small enough to fit just about anywhere you feel comfortable placing it inside the ship.

The Front Torpedo and Rear Torpedo when activated to fire will illuminate the Torpedo tube before starting the firing. The front Torpedo will fire three bursts, rear Torpedo will fire one burst. The torpedo's even "ramp off" after firing. How cool is that!

This Kit Completely replaces the lighting system that comes with the Polar Lights 1:350 model kit and includes additions to accommodate the optional (and sold separately) ParaGrafix Photo Etch kit P/N PGX219 REV 1:
(We also sell a kit that works with the lighting system that comes with the Polar Lights model kit!!)

One (1) fully assembled Control board
One (1) 9 volt Power Adapter
Ten (10) 3 mm White LED's
Eight (8) 3 mm Red LED's
Three (3) 5 mm Red LED's
One (1) Red LED Strip pre-wired
Two (2) White LED Strips pre-wired
Wiring and shrink tubing for the LED's
One (1) Speaker
One (1) Momentary switch
Wiring Instructions
Best warranty in the business - 5 Year Warranty
Made in the USA
(Model kit not included)

Item#K'Tinga Option B

This video (Below) shows the kit with the ParaGrafix Photo Etch Kit P/N PGX219 REV 1:  (Sold Separately) installed.