Lost in Space B9 Robot Sound and Light Kit

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Control and Sound/LED board to be used in the Lost in Space B9 Robot model kit from Moebius Models. (Model kit sold separately)

Demo video below!

What’s included:

One (1) fully assembled Control board
One (1) Modified Sound board with Speaker
One (1) 9-volt dc wall power adapter
One (1) Red LED Strip to Mimic Voice Modulations
One (1) White LED Strip to light Square Breast Button Area
Eight (8) Warm White SMD for Brain Area
Two (2) Amber 3mm round LED
Two (2) Yellow 3mm round LED
Two (2) White 5mm round LED
One (1) Green 3mm round LED
One (1) Warm White 3mm round LED
Three (3) Red 3mm round LED
Three (3) Blue 3mm round LED
One (1) Momentary Magnetic Switch to activate the Sound and Voice Mimic light, all 16 play one after the other
One (1) Momentary Switch to activate the Sound and Voice Mimic light one at a time
Wiring and Shrink tubing
Best warranty in the business - 5 Year Warranty
Made in the USA

Item#: LSB9-A  Lighting and Sound Kit Only (Model kit is not included. You will need to install this lighting and sound kit into your model which will require wiring and soldering experience.)