USS Defiant-1997 Star Trek Hallmark Ornament

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The U.S.S. Defiant NX-74205 is an extremely powerful "little ship" that is stationed at Deep Space Nine, which orbits the planet Bejor - which was recently freed from Cardassian occupation. The Defiant, as shown in this Star Trek Hallmark Ornament, has two warp nacelles that glow red, and two blinking red lights on the back. The Defiant, usually under the command of Captain Sisko, was called to help defend Earth from the Borg under the command of Commander Worf. The last we saw, the Defiant took major damage during the battle with the Borg, and was left adrift, but salvageable, after the Enterprise E beamed all of the Defiant's crew members aboard right before Worf was going to ram the ship into the Borg cube in order to prevent the Borg from conquering the United Federation of Planets home planet.

You can plug this ornament into any miniature light bulb socket on a standard miniature Christmas tree light string,

Pre-Owned but in like new condition in original box with everything included.

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