Star Trek Starships Special S.S. Enterprise NX-01 Refit Die-Cast Metal Vehicle with Collector Magazine

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The latest special features Doug Drexler's redesign of the Enterprise NX-01, which he hoped would have featured in a fifth season of STAR TREK ENTERPRISE. 

The modified ship is a huge fan favorite and shows how the design of the NX-01 would have gradually morphed into something closer to Captain Kirk's Starship Enterprise.

The accompanying magazine is packed with CG renders of the ship and Drexler's own insights into how it was designed.

UPC: 641945981889
Package Weight (pounds): 1.15
Package Length (inches): 11
Package Width (inches): 10
Package Height (inches): 5
Package Cubic Feet: 0.32
Package Dimensional Weight: 3.96
Country of Origin: China
Age: 14+
Gender: Male