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Photon Torpedo and Phaser Using External Audio Sound Board for Star Trek Enterprise 1701
This Board Simulates the Firing Torpedo’s and Phaser Effect of the Refit Enterprise/A as Seen in the Movies!

Add life to your Star Trek Enterprise 1701 and 1701-A refit as well as other space ship models. This is a completely Plug n Play System simulating the Photon Torpedo’s ramp-up glow culminating into torpedo fire with a burst of light, as well as the Phaser effect. This system as stated earlier has an external Audio Sound Board for the sounds of the Photon Torpedo’s and Phaser synchronized to weapons light effects. Pressing the momentary switch once will activate the Photon Torpedo’s firing and Audio sequence, press the momentary switch twice will activate the Phaser firing and Audio sequence. This Audio Board has an additional feature, a 3.5mm mono output jack allowing you to feed the sounds to an external sound system for theater type sound effects. Ideal for large scale models, like the Eight and Ten foot type studio replica ships being built. Last but not least, we can also incorporate approximately Five minutes of music or dialogue from your favorite Star Trek scenes if you wish.

Also included:

One (1) fully assembled board – 0.9 inch x 1.730 inch
One (1) momentary switch to fire Photon Torpedo’s and Phaser
One (1) White LED for Phaser
One (1) External Audio Sound Board
Two (2) Red LED’s for Photon Torpedo
Wiring Instructions emailed to you
Best warranty in the business – 5 Year Warranty
Made in the USA
Important: No interior or window lighting supplied with this kit. This board will also work on 12-volt DC supply.

Item#: PHTPHS-AD-RFT (model kit not included)