50th Anniversary 1:350 TOS Star Trek Enterprise Motor Fan Blade System W/Remote

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50th Anniversary 1:350 TOS Star Trek Enterprise Motor Fan Blade and Control Boards system with remote (Videos Below)

Add life to your
TOS 1:350 Enterprise NCC-1701 with our second generation state of the art fully integrated bussard motorized boards. 

This is our 50th Anniversary rendition of the original effect of the Motorized Fan Effect by using the inner plastic rotating dome that comes with the Polar Lights TOS Enterprise model kit. The two round boards that go in the bussards are fully functional microprocessor based boards having all the SMD LED’s soldered to the front of the boards and the controlling electronics on the back. Also the control board for the Navigation/Strobe/Impulse Engine is included. The two motors rotational speed is adjustable from our state of the art micro circuit incorporated on the backside of the clock wise round led board. This special circuit developed by TenaControls will keep the motors rotating smoothly at all speeds.

All the connections to these boards are done by the supplied pre-connected wires coming out of the boards, color coded for easy wiring.

To make assembly even easier we supply all the Navigation, Strobe, Impulse and Shuttle bay LED's pre-wired, ready to be put in place and connect to the control board termination wires.

The supplied instructions also have a video link showing the process of how to install this kit into your Polar Lights model.

As always TenaControls uses commercial grade components in all our controls for reliability and longevity. Which is why we can offer a 5 Year Warranty on the control boards and 1 Year Warranty on the motors for your peace of mind.

Also included:

One (1) fully assembled Clock Wise Motor Fan Effect Board
One (1) fully assembled Counter Clock Wise Motor Fan Effect Board
One (1) fully assembled Nav/Strobe/Impulse Engine Board
Two (2) long lasting metal gearbox motors
Two (2) plastic inserts to isolate the metal motors from control boards
Two (2) 3mm Shuttle Bay White LED's
One (1) 3mm Navigation Green LED
One (1) 3mm Navigation Red LED
Two (2) 3mm Navigation White LED's
Two (2) 3mm Impulse Engine Red LED's
Two (2) 3mm Strobe White LED'sShrink tubing for some connections
Wiring Instructions
One (1) Momentary switch 

Model Kit Not Included

Remote Control (Remote control has one on/off toggle function to turn the ship on/off and three momentary functions to use as you see fit. One obvious use is to speed up and slow down the motors rotational speed.)

Best warranty in the business - 5 Year Warranty
Made in the USA

Important: No interior or window lighting supplied with this kit. This board works on 9 or 12 volt DC supply.

Item #TOSMTR-350A