Movie Quality LED Lighting/Audio System for the 1:537 Scale Star Trek USS Reliant NCC-1864 Model Kit

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Star Trek USS Reliant NCC-1864 Combo Board  Nav / Strobe / Torpedo's/ Phasers with built in Movie Quality Lights & Audio. (Model kit is not included)

For the 1:537 scale and larger USS Reliant NCC-1864

This board simulates the Navigation, Strobe, and Torpedo’s on the Star Trek USS Reliant NCC-1864. This all in one board has everything that you need to bring this ship to life. Along with the visual torpedo firing you will also hear the amazing Torpedo’s sounds through the speaker. You can choose to fire the Front Torpedo’s only, the Rear Torpedo’s only, the Phaser only or fire all three at once. As usual this board has two sound systems built in with their own speakers, allowing you  to activate one after the other if you wish for simultaneous weapons effect.

This control board has two eight Micro JST connectors for easy wiring of the external accessories, no soldering to the board. (You will need to solder the wires and LEDs together) Just plug the LED wires in!! (See Video Below!)

This ready to install lighting kit includes:    

  • Fully assembled control board
  • One (1) Battery clip for 9 volt battery
  • One (1) momentary switch
  • One (1) speaker
  • Two (2) micro JST Connectors
  • Wiring and shrink tubing
  • Red, Green and White LED's
  • Best warranty in the business - 5 Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • This board will also work on 12 volt DC supply. 
  • LED strip tape for interior window lighting
  • Model Kit is not included 

This board can also be used in any model or application where LED's need to be controlled at a certain interval.

Item#: PHSTNS-RLT-B (Model kit not included)

Please note: These systems are complex and are custom made to order for your specific model kit. Because of this, build time is between 1 & 2 weeks. We will keep you up to date on when your system will be completed and shipped. 

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