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"The human adventure is just beginning..."

The huge success of Star Wars put a halt to the idea of a new Star Trek TV show and plans were shifted to that of a Star Trek feature film. The hope was to revive Star Trek with a feature film and that it would have the same success that Star Wars had enjoyed... It didn't, but...

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Star Trek Discovery -

Why is there so much hate toward Discovery, the new shows and the Reboots when the reason that they exist is I believe, because people didn't support Trek after the middle 90's??....Let's break down some of the haters arguments about Discovery and all the new Trek.

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Saru was a Kelpien from Kaminar who became the first Kelpien Starfleet Officer after messaging with Lieutenant Philippa Georgiou. He would later become acting Captain of the USS Discovery before assuming full captaincy after the Discovery moved 930 years into the future.

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Star Trek Books, Star Trek Novels -

Some people believe that only material approved by Roddenberry should be thought of as canon. However, doing so would subtract a lot from canon, including some episodes of the original series. 

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Federation Prime Directive, Star Trek Prime Directive, Starfleet Prime Directive, The Prime Directive -

The Prime Directive is not just a set of rules; it is a philosophy… and a very powerful one....History has proven this again and again.

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