The Star Trek Philosophy and Its Influence on Humanity

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The Star Trek Philosophy and Its Influence on Humanity

Some people believe that sci-fi novels like The Eyes of Darkness predicted the pandemic. Other people, like the fictional character Sheldon Cooper, live their lives quoting Star Trek dialogue during conversations.

The truth is the sci-fi genre goes far beyond entertainment. For example, many people live their lives according to Star Trek philosophy.

And there's a good reason for it.

Being able to determine your own path, control other dimensions, and escape to space is the reason why so many people love Star Trek. It presents a whole universe of possibilities that take you away from the everyday grind.

However, these characters and storylines might not be so fictional after all. Keep reading to find out why Star Trek is essential for living on planet Earth.

Why Is Sci-Fi Popular?

Star Trek belongs to the sci-fi genre, which is a popular style that is an essential part of our culture. But, what makes sci-fi so popular?

First of all, this genre is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Sci-fi themes can range from anything from science to politics, which leaves us with lots of questions about our lives and the future.

Although other forms of literature and film can evoke the same philosophical questions, there's something magical about Star Trek. After celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2016, the franchise still remains as thriving as ever.

Perhaps the most important message in Star Trek philosophy is that no matter how dark and crazy the world is, there is always a chance it will get better.

With the help of science and technology, humans will understand the inner workings of the universe and make wonderful advancements that will better all our lives.

It's for this reason of providing escapism for many of us that's made the sci-fi genre one of the most successful genres in history.

Besides the optimistic message about hope and keeping positive, there are other life lessons to be learned from Star Trek. Let's take a look at how this show set in space is an essential guide for surviving life.

What We Can Learn From Star Trek Philosophy

Without a doubt, one of the most exciting parts of watching Star Trek is world-building. There's something nostalgic about seeing the crew traveling from location to location in search of new things to catalog.

When you grow up it can be easy to forget about your sense of wonder about the world. Start Trek allows us to remember the importance of exploring so we can pass on that excitement to younger children.

Apart from the general curiosity about the world, the crew members also treat aliens and other species as equal despite their differences.

In the real world, there can be a lot of discrimination and isolation. Therefore, seeing a show that conveys a message about inclusion and respect helps us become the best versions of ourselves.

You can treat people with the same kindness in real life as the characters in Star Trek. The only difference is that Star Trek is set in another universe.

Embrace Differences and Be Bold

Even though the majority of Star Trek is based on the notion of peace and unity, the scenes aren't afraid to make fun of politics. As well as politics, the show also portrays characters of different races and sexualities.

Just because the characters may look different to the people walking down the street, the message is as relevant as it is in the Star Trek universe. Learning to embrace differences and being bold about opinions is essential.

Expressing your own thoughts and developing your own set of beliefs is what makes life interesting. If we all followed the status quo, the world would be very boring.

Instead of trying to fit in, Star Trek shows us that it's ok to be different. If you take anything away from this franchise it's that being bold and being unique is your superpower.

So, don't be scared to be you!

Share Knowledge and Learn From Others

Another key philosophy in the Star Trek series is that it's good to share knowledge and learn from other people.

Everyone has their individual perspective on a situation and each mindset is valuable when making choices. For example, some would argue that the character Kirk represents bravado whereas Sisko is a skeptic.

Both of these personality traits can be used in the decision-making process as one is need to be bold, and the other is needed to think through the worst-case scenarios.

If you take the example of Kirk and Sisko, you can see that they balance each other out.

In real life, it's equally important to be open to other personality types and listen to advice. Otherwise, you could end up making a mistake that has consequences for other people.

Overall, Star Trek can teach us a lot about sharing a planet with other people and solving problems that seem bigger than ourselves. Ultimately, if we all work together, we can achieve anything.

Now, if that isn't a worthwhile philosophy to live by then nothing is.

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Live Long and Prosper in All Galaxies

Unless you're part of the fandom, the idea of a Star Trek philosophy might seem unbelievable. But, that's kind of the amazing thing about being in a community of Star Trek fans.

No one needs to understand the Star Trek legacy but you. If it means something to you personally, that's all that matters.

However, there are hundreds and thousands of people that share your passion for the Star Trek series. The internet is a great place for finding like-minded people and bonding over the vision of a Star Trek utopia.

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