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 At the start of Discovery’s season 3, the viewer was left in the unknown, 930 years into the future. This future wasn’t the utopic future of Jean Luc’s Federation. This was a gritty universe regressed back into a lean, hungry, and dangerous place to be. The crew was wholly unprepared for this future, thinking like we all do, that the future would be better. Ultimately, this was the best direction for the season and series to go, giving viewers a mystery while adding momentous character building that led to the completion of arches, while also adding new characters to cheer on or despise....

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Star Trek Discovery is ready to launch back into action and onto our screens October 15th 2020! The long wait to see what the future, literally, will hold for Michael Burnham and the crew of the USS Discovery is over! New cast members are about to be revealed and new stories will be told in Season Three of Discovery!

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