Will The War In Ukraine Cause World War 3? A Warning From Star Trek

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Will The War In Ukraine Cause World War 3? A Warning From Star Trek

For those that have read my work in the past, they may be familiar with my love of Star Trek because of its inspirational message of hope that is embedded in the fabric of that sci-fi universe. The thing is, though, that in my heart, it goes beyond just simple fandom and perhaps becomes more of a hopeful pessimism about the future considering that, at times, the future of mankind can seem rather bleak. At the time of writing this, we are about four weeks into Russia's invasion of Ukraine, a terroristic act committed under false pretenses to the detriment of all mankind. 

  While the last century has held many opportunities for the destruction of Mankind through nuclear warfare, this particular time can only be described as absolutely terrifying, considering how close selfish and short-sighted actions committed by Vladimir Putin can take humankind closer and closer to the end of history. As a science fiction fan, particularly Star Trek, I find some hope and this timeline of Star Trek where in humanity experiences a third world war that somehow manages to not obliterate every human on the planet, only for those left in the rubble to be left to rebuild their world with the knowledge of what led them to such destruction. 

While I obviously would hope that we are heading towards peaceful times in my heart I fear I perhaps we are heading in the same direction as the Star Trek universe but with no actual reassurance that Humanity will emerge on the other side of whatever disaster awaits us. Are we currently living in a slow-motion disaster? How long before things are  upended? Do we currently have what  will be required in order to  establish peace, or will we instead fail to rise to the occasion and let ourselves devolve into a multipolar world at war with itself?

As a fan of history, I feel there is a strong correlation between Star Trek lore and the  hope that the  immediate generation that lived during the post-World War II era held in their hearts for the future mankind. After all, the people that created StarTrek lived through the war.  For example in my mind I've always seen the Federation as a futuristic embodiment of the United Nations, two organizations that exist to help facilitate and maintain peace between different groups and factions with varying interests, but that overall works for the greater good. At the same time, I acknowledge that the Federation was also a military Alliance much like NATO in the real world. Also, like NATO, the  alliances that hold the Federation together require a mutual defense pact where if one member is  attacked, it is considered to be an attack on all. This thought is where I'd like to remind you that one of the strongest themes throughout the Star Trek universe is that 

of diplomacy, something that we have just seen rapidly disintegrate in our world. This leaves us asking the question: When diplomacy fails between great powers, be it the Federation, NATO, or anyone else in the universe, how are disputes to be resolved?

The answer should be obvious and terrifying. obvious because anyone who's ever been in a tug-of-war between two children who want the same toy knows what happens when talking does not resolve the issue. A fight breaks out. terrifying because unlike a schoolyard bully, to be a great power in this world at this time in our history means possessing weapons strong enough to kill even those who were not in the fight regardless of their culpability.


Is this really the path that we want to take as human beings? As a believer of freedom and peace, I feel a strong and burning support for the people of Ukraine and the victims of Russian tyranny throughout the world from their various campaigns such as Georgia, Chechnya, and Syria. I also support Ukraine fully in their efforts to repel the Russian invader from their lands and I want to see every piece of armament possible sent their way. At the same time though, as a father of two young boys, I wake up each morning and I immediately open my phone to look at the most recent post on Reddit about what's happening in Ukraine, each time I open my phone to see the most recent post on Reddit. About what is happening on the front lines, in my heart I am afraid of what I might read about the latest escalation. It is this realization that any day, at any moment, things could spiral so far out of control that all hope is lost for all of us - oh, that has me fantasizing like some sci-fi fanboy that somewhere out there there is a hero or diplomat that will be able to bring us that kind of last moment Hail Mary pass that happens behind the scenes and saves all of us like some Captain Picard in the world world.


Or perhaps we just simply won't. Who's to say anyways that we have what it takes to rise to the occasion to make it through what we'll see as a species in the next century alone. Rising sea levels, disasters from space depleting oceans, collapsing ecosystems, intensified war, famine, drought, all these things await us - even if we make it past this invasion.  Do we as a species even deserve to continue on if we refuse to change our ways? If we continue to be selfish to look only upon our own selves, our families, communities, and countries as our immediate means of concern, do we really deserve to continue on as a species if so many of us will continue suffering?  


It seems to me but this was kind of the basis of Captain Picard interaction with Q from the continuum. Q challenged whether humanity deserved to exist or if they should just remove us from time for all the reasons I've already listed and more. If we can't find a way to get along and preserve peace and the dignity of all, perhaps we should question whether we should continue to the future and if we deserve to do so. Personally, it is my Hope that we do find a way  to rise to the occasion. This is where I would like to ask you, the reader, what are your thoughts and opinions? Do you think that we will find a way to create lasting peace here on Earth, or do you think it'll go some other way? Are we heading to the utopian future of the Federation, or instead are we heading to the dystopian future of something like the Hunger Games, or Moscow 2033? Let us know in the comments below!


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