Why You Should Watch Lost In Space with Your Kids

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Why You Should Watch Lost In Space with Your Kids

Are you struggling to find the perfect show to watch with your family at night? If you're anything like me perhaps you're tired of the terrible selection of so-called” family shows” available these days considering most of them either have a great deal of violence, stupidity, violent stupidity, or the values that I don't agree with. If this is also the case for you, then great news is coming your way because Netflix’s Lost in Space reboot, is the positive, encouraging, and inspirational story that you have wanted your children to watch, while keeping you hooked on the riveting drama you won't be able to take your eyes off of. 

Here are our top four reasons why every parent should watch Lost in Space with their kids.

               1. Family values are #1 to the Robinsons.

For those who haven't watched the series already and don't remember the Lost in Space movie from the 90s, or the black and white television show from the 60s oh, the Robinsons are the main set of characters in The Lost in Space franchise. This means that the story revolves around the Robinsons as a story of a family's struggle to survive The dangers of space. This time is no different, but after several seasons of high-quality storytelling at work, we the audience get the chance to develop a close relationship with our protagonists as they battle against killer robots and engineer solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems. In our household, this meant that with every new episode, my wife and I were able to pause the show and talk to our four-year-old son about how the family was working together to overcome their latest challenge. For me this was a huge win because we were able to place heroes in front of my son that taught him the power of teamwork and more specific examples of what families can do when they work together.

Watching role models from a sci-fi fantasy might seem like an insignificant thing to many people, but as a father, when I look around,  I feel like it's harder and harder to find examples of strong family units in the media. Also, the nature of the Robinson story is one of extraordinary adventure even if it is risky, and considering that in our hearts my wife and I are adventurous people so we would naturally like to kliner children to be so as well. now this does not necessarily mean I'm going to tell my son it's a great idea to go fight Killer Robots in space, but when we watch this show I do try to inspire him with thoughts of adventuring through space more as a means of exploring all that life has to offer,  and in the context of the Robinsons their grand Adventure through the universe ads 2 the family 

               2. Lost in Space Makes Being Smart Cool!

Through the course of the show, the Robinsons encounters a plethora of life-threatening situations that are usually able to be addressed through the use of good ol’fashioned brain power rather than through drama or physical conflict. Furthermore, the parents on the show, go to great lengths to prepare their children to have the skills needed to survive, which makes two great examples for my children. For example, Judy Robinson, the oldest child (18) is a trained medic who saves various crew members. Or what is likely the best example of training your children to be strong, comes when we see Will Robinson (the youngest child) devise and orchestrate a plan, that ultimately saves the lives of all the children aboard the Mothership that the Robinsons had been crewmembers of. This plan requires months of collaborative teamwork in hostile environments, high-level scientific knowledge, and some serious skills, all things that I would be proud to see my son spearheading if we were somehow lost in space ourselves.

               3. Violence is NOT the Main Attraction

At the time of writing this, my oldest son is 4 years old, which considering all the violence involved. Is why we have not yet watched something like Star Wars yet. The thing about this though is that it is actually surprisingly difficult to find movies or shows that do not use violence as a valid conflict resolution method. This has meant that a lot of different shows that I will eventually watch with him when he is older are all off the table for now making finding something to watch rather difficult. Although, it is not that Lost in Space is completely free of violence, actually quite the opposite, as there scenes where the alien robot that the Robinsons befriend fights other, unfriendly killer robots in order to save the Robinsons. The thing about this violence, though, is the way it is portrayed as first of all, the killer robots are so incredibly more powerful than the Robinsons, that the Robinsons spend most of their time trying to avoid the robots, escape the robots, or find a way to outsmart the robots, leaving the robot fighting scenes to a minimum.

                 4. Lost in Space is a Great SciFi Show!

What more compelling of a reason could present you with to convince you to watch Lost in Space than simply tell you that it is a great show that the entire family can enjoy! For my wife, it was a riveting action show that kept her and I want more at the end of every episode.  For my son, Lost in Space offered him a glimpse into a future where humanity could be traveling the stars, while also offing a cool fantasy world full of helpful robots that are our friends that he and I could venture off while we played. This lead us to build many robots, and many long conversations on robots, which I thought was a cool byproduct of watching the show together. 

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