Wait… Quentin Tarantino is making the next Star Trek Movie?!

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Wait… Quentin Tarantino is making the next Star Trek Movie?!

For our first official blog post, I was going to write an article about something in general in the Star Trek universe,but the hot topic this week seems to be the news that Quentin Tarantino is interested in being involved in the next Star Trek movie. There are a lot of mixed opinions floating around about this,but I think it can be an awesome thing for the franchise.

The rumors are that Quentin Tarantino and JJ Abrams have been in meetings discussing Tarantino’s ideas and thoughts on the next Star Trek motion picture. At first, this sounds crazy and shocking, but my suggestion to everyone is to take a deep breath and remember that no real details have been released about any thing involving the next Star Trek movie yet. I do know that Tarantino has said many times how much he loves Star Trek, what a big influence it's had in his life, that he is a HUGE fan of TOS and that he's expressed a serious interest numerous times in the past that he'd love to be involved with the franchise. That tells me that even though Tarantino definitely has a unique style in making movies, I firmly believe that he will treat the Star Trek universe and fans with the respect that they both deserve.

I'm keeping an open mind. Quentin Tarantino makes very good movies. We have yet to see the details…Will he direct?? Will he be a producer?? Does he just have a great script idea?? We don’t know any of these things yet,but if the rumors of him being involved in the next Star Trek movie are true, I think it could be a great thing for the Star Trek Universe. I can’t wait to see what happens next!!
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