Star Trek Ship Bio-USS Enterprise NCC-1701-B

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Star Trek Ship Bio-USS Enterprise NCC-1701-B

The USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-B) was a 23rd century Federation Excelsior-class starship operated by Starfleet. Commissioned on stardate 9715.5, in the year 2293, the USS Enterprise B was the third Federation ship (replacing the recently decommissioned Enterprise-A) in a long legacy of earth ships to bear the name Enterprise.  

Built at the San Francisco Shipyards and designated a Heavy Cruiser, the Enterprise-B was 1500 feet in length and had 36 decks. The average crew compliment of the Enterprise B was 622. Armaments for the Enterprise B consisted of 14 phaser banks and 5 photon torpedo launchers. (4 forward & 1 aft.) With a top speed of warp 9.

Recently given command of the brand new Enterprise, Captain John Harriman diverted the Enterprise's course while on the ships maiden voyage to respond to a distress call from two El-Aurian refugee transports caught in a temporal energy ribbon. The ship managed to rescue 47 survivors (out of 415), but narrowly avoided destruction herself. James T. Kirk, who had been visiting the Enterprise for her shakedown cruise, was lost during the mission and presumed killed. 

In service for 36 years, and under the command of various different Captains,(One of them being Captain Sulu's daughter Damora Sulu.) the USS Enterprise B was lost & presumed destroyed in 2329. The last reports Starfleet received indicated that "the crew had contracted a dangerous infection but exactly what happened after the ship's final transmission is unknown."  Her exact fate has always been a mystery, though it is likely that the crew fell victim to a plague.

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