The USS Enterprise in Strange New Worlds vs the Original Series Enterprise-How Are The Ships Different?

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The USS Enterprise in Strange New Worlds vs the Original Series Enterprise-How Are The Ships Different?

Have you ever wondered how Star Trek's USS Enterprise has changed over the years?

The famous sci-fi cruiser has been around for decades, accompanying starships and captains alike. From Captain Kirk to Captain Picard and Captain Burnham, the USS Enterprise has been a reliable and integral part of the Star Trek universe for decades. But did you know that there is more than one version of the original ship across multiple shows and movies?

Yes, for those of you who are not familiar with the franchise, there are a total of 9 TV shows and 13 movies. This includes the Original Series and Strange New Worlds, which both have the starship Enterprise...What are the differences between the two ships though?

We'll break down the differences for you in this article, so read on!

Ship Speed

Strange New World Enterprise at warp

The recent reimagining of the franchise, the new series "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds" is set about 8 years before the events we saw in the Original Series with a ship that is "older" than the ship we see in the Original Series. However, Strange New Worlds' Enterprise features a newly refit ship than the Enterprise that we saw in season 2 of Star Trek Discovery. This newly refitted ship is much more capable, with its more advanced propulsion, weapons and tech. (Strangely though, some alien ships seen in the Original Series could go as fast as a warp speed of 35. The original shows warp speed capabilities were inconsistent and relied mostly on what the writers wanted at the time.)

The Strange New Worlds Enterprise is not only faster than the previous versions of it, but more maneuverable as well, with agile thrusters and a sleeker design. This allows the ship to make much faster and tighter turns, making it even more formidable in battle than it ever was before. Overall, the new USS Enterprise has vastly superior speed, making it a much more effective vessel in the strangeness of space.

The Bridge Design

Strange New worlds Enterprise Bridge

The bridge design of the USS Enterprise in Star Trek has changed immensely over the years. With its many incarnations, it gives us insight into how the vessel and its crew were viewed in different television eras with different views of the future and different production budgets.

The iconic Enterprise bridge of the Original Series is a very simplistic affair by today's standards. It is complete with unsophisticated decor and and budget friendly sets representing the "old school" production values of the mid 60's.

Star Trek Original series Bridge

In contrast, the bridge of the Enterprise in Strange New Worlds is much more streamlined and utilitarian. It conveys a sense of modernity and cutting-edge technology.

The sheer size of the original series' bridge is impressive, but the Strange New World's version is much more open and accessible with much more cutting edge looking technology than was seen in the Original Series. It suggests a more collaborative and accessible approach to Starfleet command that seems more realistic of what the future may hold than what was foreseen in the 60's. TV show.

Ship Technology

Star Trek Tech

The Star Trek Ship Technology in Strange New Worlds versus the iconic Original Series is another great example of the theoretical technological advances we hope to achieve with starship engineering in the future. The 23rd-century USS Enterprise featured in the Original Series was a massive fusion & warp powered spaceship designed to explore the galaxy. While the technology of the Enterprise in Strange New Worlds is about the same as the Original Series Enterprise, it looks much more advanced than what was seen in the Original Series...The shield systems seem much stronger, and the weapon systems far more powerful. The ship also features an Artificial Intelligence computer system. The systems seem much more advanced in terms of navigation and communication too and the ship is also equipped with the latest scanners and scientists. It makes it possible to explore the universe more thoroughly. It is clear that the technology of starships has advanced by leaps and bounds in the new series.

Pike's Character

SNW Pike

The USS Enterprise in Strange New Worlds has seen profound changes from the Original Series when it comes to Pike's character too. Gone are the strong morality and philosophical guidance of Captain Kirk, which has been replaced by Pike's approachable nature and willingness to try different solutions to the challenges they face.

Pike is a warmer, more sympathetic leader, who is not afraid to take risks or step away from his own set principles when the situation requires it. With Pike in charge, the crew of the Enterprise is far more open to and flexible in their approach to the strange new worlds they explore, which often leads to more effective and creative solutions. This is a refreshing and vibrant new take on the old series, and one fans have embraced warmly.

AI Communications

Trek AI

The Strange New Worlds USS Enterprise saw a dramatic shift in AI communications compared to the The Original Series USS Enterprise. Whereas before the initial communication protocols had to do with verbal exchanges between people, AI is now able to operate autonomously on the ship without those conversations.

AI can now also monitor and respond to situational requirements, taking the weight off of the actors who were previously responsible for them. The AI is also capable of remaining conversationally open and engaging with crew members in a more natural and seamless dialogue.

This new AI was able to improve on the existing communication projects and act almost as an ambassador for the ship and crew. By doing this, the AI was able to become a more beneficial part of the communication protocols than it had been previously, and lead to better results than it had in the Original Series.

The Crew

SNW Crew

The crew of the USS Enterprise of Strange New Worlds is an intergalactic crew representing diverse species from various corners of the universe. The bridge includes both Human and non-Human characters that have been brought together under the leadership of Captain Pike. With the inclusion of humanoids from various backgrounds and cultures, the bridge offers a more dynamic crew than the crew of the Original Series Enterprise.

Whereas the original crew of the Enterprise was predominantly composed of human males with a couple of female characters, the Strange New Worlds crew offers a more balanced mix of genders and species. This not only allows for a more interesting dynamic as the crew members interact, but also provides a glimpse into a truly diverse future.

Know These USS Enterprise Changes

The USS Enterprise of the original series was the lifeblood of star trek fandom. With the release of Strange New Worlds, fans have seen a shift in the design, tone, and execution of the show. The changes to the new series created a fresh and exciting foundation on which to explore the ever-expanding world of Star Trek. If you haven't seen the series yet, give it a try and explore the strange new world of The USS Enterprise!

Ship developments don't stop with the Enterprise, though. For more star trek facts and news, check out the rest of our interesting articles too!

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