The Most Famous Star Trek Ships, Ranked

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The Most Famous Star Trek Ships, Ranked

Did you know the original USS Enterprise was built of 11 decks and carried a crew of 430? This ship has a very special place in science fiction, sitting alongside the Millenium Falcon as one of the most recognizable space vessels to grace the screen. Yet did you know this is just one of many?

Throughout its many series and movies, Star Trek has provided some innovative and other downright weird ships. Read on as we give our guide on the most famous Star Trek ships of all. 

1. USS Enterprise

Star Trek USS Enterprise Lineage

The USS Enterprise and its many versions could fill a whole article in itself. Not only is it one of the most famous Star Trek ships, but it is one of the most recognizable in popular culture. 

Long-time fans will see the NCC-1701 as the starting point, from way back in the sixty's television series. Primarily built for exploring, it played a part in many classic scenes that set up Star Trek lore. 

Each Enterprise since has had several tweaks and alterations. The NCC-1701-E from The Next Generation movies had some serious firepower. At one point it was even able to down a Borg Cube.

2. Borg Cube

Star Trek Borg Cube

The Borg Cube is another of the most famous ships from Star Trek that have seeped into mainstream consciousness. The ship does not look like much and is a simple gigantic cube that floats in space. A no-nonsense approach to craft building reflects the cruel logic of the race within.  

As an enemy, it has some extremely dangerous weaponry. Tractor beams can drain the shields from enemy craft. In one battle, it took out 39 of 40 Federation ships. When it does get damaged, it can regenerate using backup systems.

However, the real danger lies inside. The Borg are a hive mind who use the inside of the cube to assimilate other races into their own technological way of being. 

3. Whale Probe

Star Trek Whale Probe

The award for one of the worst-named ships on Star Trek has to go to the Whale Probe. Yet this white cylindrical craft is one of the most formidable and destructive. 

Appearing in 1986 with Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, its purpose was to search for earth's whales which had become extinct. While doing so, it could leech power and create a storm around the planet. 

The only way the crew could stop this was to travel back to 1986. Locating two humpbacks, they managed to get them to communicate with the Whale Probe and halt its chaos. A crazy craft for one of the more off-the-wall Star Trek movies. 

4. V-ger

Star Trek VGER

V-ger features in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. One of the most powerful Star Trek ships, its back story managed to blend both facts with fiction. 

Based on the NASA Voyager probes, V-ger started life as version 6. In reality, only two were ever made. When leaving earth, the Voyager 6 traveled on a 300-year journey where it gained sentience and a sizable upgrade to its firepower. 

Launching plasma beams, the movie saw it easily destroy three Klingon Battle Cruisers. Around it was a huge network of energy clouds that stretched over 180 million miles. The only way it could be defeated was not through battle, but by appealing to its human nature. 

5. The Narada

Star Trek Narada

The Narada was a mining vessel that had a huge size dwarfing anything the Federation had. It was first seen in the 2009 Star Trek movie and pursued Spock through a black hole. This brought it out 150 years in the past when it destroyed the birthplace of Capt. James T. Kirk, giving birth to a whole new alternate timeline. 

It then drilled a hole in the planet Vulcan and annihilated it. A black hole was the only thing that could manage to tear the ship apart and stop it. While it may not have had the most firepower, it was able to cause untold chaos. 

6. Krenim Weapon Ship

Star Trek Krenim Ship

Of all the ships on Star Trek, the Krenim has the most unique weapon on its side. Time. It first appeared in an episode of Star Trek Voyager where it went to the past and wiped out another species known as the Zahl. 

Luckily, the Krenim weapon ship was slow with poor defenses. The USS Voyager managed to create shields that interfered with its weaponry, creating a timeline in which the Krenim did not exist. The Voyager then managed to do a quick exit and outpace the craft. 

7. USS Voyager

Star Trek USS Voyager

The USS Voyager is famous for being the first ship to explore the Delta Quadrant in the Star Trek universe. While a fairly standard craft, it began to incorporate technology from other races into its design. This allowed it to shorten a 75-year journey home. 

Borg technology is probably the most useful of these. By adding a transwarp coil they could cruise at full power until the stolen tech broke down.

8. D'deridex Class Romulan Warbird

D'deridex Class Romulan Warbird


One of the most powerful abilities of this Romulan craft is its ability to cloak. This allows it to bring whole fleets close to enemy craft without them noticing. Throughout Star Trek: The Next Generation they were a persistent thorn in the side of the USS Enterprise

They are packed with an arsenal of high-grade weaponry. Torpedo's, pulses, and laser beams are all fitted to their body. All ships are powered by a quantum singularity, its only weakness being a slow cruising speed that the USS Enterprise can easily outrun. 

9. USS Vengeance

Star Trek USS Vengence

The Vengeance was built with one goal in mind: Warfare. Its all-black appearance made it hard to see in the depths of space. Built covertly, it first appeared in the movie Star Trek: Into Darkness.

As well as many offensive weapons, the ship had brains as well. It could be piloted by a single person thanks to its internal systems.

Even More Star Trek Ships

These Star Trek ships are just scratching the surface. Klingon Birds of Prey, Doomsday Machines, and The Sarcophagus all narrowly made the list. Everyone has their own ideas about what the most powerful or iconic crafts are. Let us know your thoughts on our list in the comments section below!

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