Ship Bio-The Starship Enterprise NX-01

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Ship Bio-The Starship Enterprise NX-01

"We're making history with every light year."
– Captain Jonathan Arche Designed by several engineers including Henry Archer,(and the man who built the first warp capable ship) Zefram Cochrane, the work began that directly paved the way to The Enterprise, at the Warp Five Complex in Bozeman, Montana. Over the next thirty-two years, development continued until Humanity's first warp 5 engine was created. This engine was capable of speeds that finally made interstellar travel in much shorter periods of time possible...Instead of years, distant star systems could be reached in day,weeks or months.  

The culmination of the NX Project, the NX-01 Enterprise was the first NX-class (prototype) starship launched by the United Earth Starfleet in 2151. In 2150, when her keel was laid, Captain Johnathan Archer,the son of designer Henry Archer, was named captain of The Enterprise. The Enterprise had a standard crew complement of eighty-three humans, with the addition of a Vulcan science officer and a Denobulan doctor. Approximately a third of the crew was female. 

Measuring only 225 meters (738 feet) in length,the NX-01 was small compared to Starfleet ships that would be constructed later on. The NX-01 consisted of a habitable saucer module that contained seven decks (lettered A through G) and a symmetrical warp field governor located just aft of the saucer section that regulated the warp field shape that would otherwise break apart at higher warp factors. Two half-decks were inserted between D and E deck, as well as between E and F deck. These contained plasma conduits and access tunnels. Two docking ports were located on either side of the saucer section, accessible on E-deck. The ship's hull plating was fixed to the rest of the ship with bolt-coupling

The Enterprise was equipped with the most advanced technology,weapons & defensive capabilities that Starfleet had at the time. Armed with phase cannons (Directed energy particle weapons that used a phase modulator to control the blast yield.) and photonic torpedoes (Torpedoes with variable yield anti-matter warheads.) The NX-01 was very capable of defending itself.

Along with these weapons,the NX-01 also had polarized hull plating that was a defensive armored hull technology used on Starfleet shuttles and starships. Before the development of deflector shielding, hull polarization was the primary defensive measure for starships against enemy weaponry. This polarization matrix in the NX-01's armored hull plating minimized potential damage from weapons fire and other space hazards through the application of electromagnetic power in the metal hull of the ship...Making the ships hull several orders of magnitude harder than it was in its non-polarized state.

The NX-01 Enterprise was the first ship that allowed humanity to venture deep into the galaxy and was the first warp capable Starfleet vessel in a long lineage of ships named Enterprise. She served with distinction until it was decommissioned in 2161. 

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