Star Trek Voyager's Captain Kathryn Janeway- A Personnel File Report

Admiral Janeway, Captain Janeway, Captain Kathryn Janeway, NCC-74656, USS Voyager -

Star Trek Voyager's Captain Kathryn Janeway- A Personnel File Report

Kathryn Janeway- A Star Trek personnel file report

Kathryn Janeway, known best for her captaining of the Federation Star Ship Voyager (NCC-74656) on its 70,000 light year journey home from the Delta Quadrant to the Alpha was born on May 20th 2336 in Bloomington, Indiana on Earth. 

Early Life

She was born to Gretchen and Edward Janeway (d. 2358), a Vice Admiral in Starfleet. She had a sister, Phoebe, who she viewed as the artist of the family. She grew up on her Grandparent’s farm, and that gave her knowledge of farming. She enjoyed and relished her Grandmother’s biryani and her Grandfather’s Welsh rarebit as her favorite foods.

She was frightened of the awesome power of thunderstorms on the plains of America. Nothing was more powerful than that to a young girl.

She took ballet as a child, learning the dance of “the dying swan” and recreated this dance for her shipmates on Voyager.

Janeway loved being with her father, including their adventures, which included hiking the Northern rim of The Grand Canyon at age 9. Her father called it "the biggest ditch on Earth", she preferred the farm, as it was too dusty. He raised her to be a skeptic of the world, to always question it. Her father would die tragically on Tau Ceti Prime, by drowning under a polar icecap.

This tragedy caused Janeway to fall into a deep depression. She stayed secluded, mostly in bed, sleeping her days away. Eventually, her sister Phoebe is able to convince her to move on with her life.

Academy & Early Federation Career
She was proficient at a number of languages including American Sign Language, but Klingon was never one of them.

She enjoyed the friendship of the chief custodian of the Starfleet gardens, Boothby and he brought her fresh roses every morning. She studied under professors such as Hendricks, Patterson, and H'ohk.

Janeway's first Starfleet posting was aboard the USS Al-Batani, under Captain Owen Paris. She served as the chief science officer. She participated in the Arias Expedition, as well.

As a Lieutenant, she was part of an away team on a mission defending a Federation outpost from Cardassian attacks at the border. Her party ended up cut off and stuck for 3 days in a firefight. Her commanding officer ordered her to crawl and save a wounded Cardassian soldier. At the time she found this crazy but ended up being one of her proudest moments. Her away team was decorated for their actions in securing the outpost.

She later became a Commander aboard the USS Billings. She sent an away team to survey a volcanic moon. When a magma eruption severely injured her crew, she somehow finished the surveying herself.


In 2371 she was made Captain and given the command of the ship, Voyager. Her mission was to track, find, and capture the missing Marquis ship, the Val Jean.

In the Badlands, Voyager and the  Marquis ship Val Jean are thrown 70,000 light years across the galaxy into the Delta Quadrant by a displacement wave.  The creator of this wave was a sporocystian lifeform known as the Caretaker. The Caretaker was dying and had been pulling vessels to the Delta Quadrant to test and find a mate so that his offspring could continue to care for a short-lived species known as the Ocampa.  He did this because he was responsible for the permanent damage done to the planet. None of the crew of either ship however, is compatible with him.
Janeway was left with the choice of protecting the galaxy from a species like the Kazon, that would take the technology of the Caretaker and use it for greed or mispurpose, or take advantage of a one time opportunity to go home and leave the Delta quadrant to handle their own future.
Janeway couldn’t allow such a wrong to pass, even if it meant being stranded over 70 years from home, so she destroyed the Caretaker’s array. With the Array destroyed, she and Marquis leader Chakotay decide to become one crew and she made him her first officer.

Making both sides work was not easy. There was strife in the integration of the two ships with the two opposing sides. The Marquis rebellion attracted a type that was the anthesis of the protocol of Starfleet and the Federation. The decision to fill slots left vacant by dead crew members was difficult for Janeway….For example, it took her time to accept that B’Elanna Torres was the better choice over a Starfleet Officer with more seniority to take the role of Chief Engineer. Several other Marquis did not fit in as well as B’Elanna did though; Seska, a Cardassian spy made to look Bajoran, was caught stealing and giving Starfleet technology to the Kazon-Nistrim. Eventually,with training from her Chief of Security Tuvok, she was eventually able to bring the two crews together into one unified crew under Starfleet & Federation principles.

The overriding theme for Janeway during her time in the Delta Quadrant is one of weighing what is good for her crew vs the galaxy.


The first year in the Delta Quadrant was one of adjustment and discovery.

Janeway made first contact with a number of species, one of which was the Vidiians, a species that had been struck by a plague, they called the phage, to live they harvested the organs of other species. Mr. Neelix fell victim to them but Janeway couldn’t kill the Vidiian to save Neelix. (They were eventually able to find a way to save him though.)

Several times the Crew’s hopes to get home quicker were raised and dashed.


In the second year of being in the Delta Quadrant, Janeway and her crew came across a floating truck from the 1930s and a Morse code SOS. Following the signal they came across several people in statis chambers. They turned out to be from 1930s Earth and included Amelia Earhart. Janeway was delighted in meeting such an important female avionic and history maker.

The crew tried other ways to get home faster, including Tom Paris outfitting a shuttle craft, that he dubs the Cochrane, to go faster than Warp 10, known as trans warp. However doing so causes a genetic reaction that transforms Paris into a strange type of creature. The new Paris creature kidnaps Janeway and escapes to trans warp again, causing Janeway to become subjected to the same genetic transformation that transformed Paris. The shuttle is found, having landed on a planet, when Voyager catches up and the crew find the 2 creatures have mated.

The offspring is left on the planet, and the 2 crewmembers are brought back and reverted back into Janeway and Paris.

Voyager, like many Federation ships, was visited by the Q. The Voyager crew accidentally released what turned out to be a Q from the core of a comet that they were exploring. A certain Q known as “Quinn" had tried to kill himself many times after becoming tired of his immortal life. That “crime” was the reason for his captivity and why he was inside the comet. He pleads to live as a human on Voyager, and Janeway grants him asylum on Voyager. However, the now human Quinn still commits suicide, being helped by the well known Q that repeatedly entertained himself on board the USS Enterprise D.

In another adventure, while attempting to avoid a number of Vidiian ships, Voyager entered a divergence field which duplicated the ship in every aspect, from ship to crew. The two ships were connected by a rift in the lower decks that allowed passage between both ships. The danger was that they drew on the same antimatter supply. The Vidiians attempted to board one of the Voyagers, which left both crews in mortal danger. To remedy this, one of the Janeway’s destroyed her ship, killing the Vidiians and saving the other Voyager and its crew.

This showcased the Captain’s resolve to do the hard thing to save others, including sacrificing her own life. Her strong beliefs in doing what is right, however, was tested when Neelix and Tuvok endured a transporter accident that lead to a new sentient type of being to be created, Tuvix. This became one of the most controversial decisions ever recorded by a Starfleet officer, as the only way to bring back Tuvok and Neelix as individuals was to eliminate Tuvix, who protested what he felt was murder.

The rest of the year was spent in confrontation with the Kazon. Janeway tried to form alliances, Paris went under cover, Chakotay was captured and tortured to get information about Voyagers defenses. Even a peace conference was attempted. The Voyager was captured and the crew stranded but they were able to take the ship back. It led to their old nemesis Seska being killed that caused a power shift within the Kazon Nistrim that led Voyager to finally be able to leave Kazon space without any further interactions.


In another pivotal situation for Janeway, Tuvok began suffering mental issues. Janeway engaged in a mind meld with him to try to help stabilize his condition. This meld took them back to his tour of duty onboard the USS Excelsior, captained by Hikaru Sulu. His issues were found to have been caused by an alien virus that had laid dormant in Tuvok's brain for years

Later, Q again appeared on the ship and wanted to have a baby with Janeway. He wanted to do this in order to stop a civil war in the Continuum. The human perception of this war was of the civil war in the United States of America. Eventually Janeway and Voyager successfully forge a truce within the Q Continuum and are then returned to normal space. The Qs have had a child, which they present proudly to Janeway.

 After a shuttle craft accident left Janeway in a coma, an alien energy being tried to convince Janeway that she was dying so it could feed off of her soul's energy. It tries every trick to get her to cooperate, even appearing to her as her late father, but she was able to see through the ruse and flatly refused the alien. The Doctor was able to revive her once the being had left her body.


To take advantage of an opportunity to get home, Voyager had to cross Borg space (the Federation’s most deadly enemy) and also the territory of an even more deadly species called Species 8472. Janeway forges an alliance with the Borg to help them fight Species 8472 and get Voyager through their space. Chakotay warns her that the Borg are like scorpions, they cannot help their nature. Janeway is prepared for this and the last Borg drone helping them, Seven of Nine, is separated from the Borg Collective and begins her long journey back to her humanity as a member of Voyager’s crew.

Later on, Voyager made contact with the species called the Krenim. They had created a time ship to change history to restore the Krenim Imperium that had been devastated by a war. What they did not count on was Voyager being in their space. This derailed their time change calculations and they felt the only way to fix it was to destroy Voyager. A year of endless scrimmages ensued with the Voyager being attacked by the technologically advanced Krenim time ship. It resulted in the loss of many of Voyager’s crew and severe damage to the ship. The war between them ended when Janeway crashed a badly damaged Voyager into the time ship, destroying it and wiping it from existence. This restored the timeline and allowed Voyager to plot a course around Krenim space.

Another race called The Srivani also menaced Voyager, subjecting the crew and Janeway to experiments. Janeway was able to free Voyager from them by destroying one of the 2 ships in a binary pulsar.


Janeway had a romantic relationship with a Devore commander, who is charged with finding telepaths to arrest. He puts on a ploy, requesting asylum but it ends when the commander revealed himself as only pretending to defect in order to discover the telepaths.

In another situation she found herself in, Janeway discovered another Federation ship that was also lost in the Delta Quadrant, the USS Equinox, captained by Rudolph Ransom.

His ship had been attacked by “nucleogenic” lifeforms and much of his crew was killed, it was later discovered that the lifeforms attacked because Ransom was using the creatures as fuel. Janeway confronts him but his EMH Doctor sabotages Voyager and kidnaps Seven of Nine as the creatures attack again.

Finding Ransom begins to consume Janeway as an obsession. She allows herself to do what would not have been acceptable to Starfleet. She was willing to kill a captured Equinox crew member if they didn't reveal the location of the Equinox. Chakotay interferes with Janeway’s plan, and is relieved of duty and confined to quarters. Ransom has a change of heart, drops his shields, returns Seven of Nine in exchange for his crew joining Voyager. Her last words to him are a promise to get them home. Ransom is killed and the Equinox is destroyed in a final attack of the nucleogenic creatures while helping Voyager escape.


The last 2 years of Voyager’s trip back to the Alpha Quadrant dealt with mutinies of former Marquis, and even the Ferengi.

Nunk, a Ferengi, attempts to steal some of Seven's nanoprobes by using a hologram of Barclay, the Starfleet Officer that had earlier set up communications between Earth and Voyager.

A Bajoran named "Teero Anaydis" had used the “Barclay relay” to set off a mind control program implanted in Tuvok. He sets off a chain of events from attacks on Marquis that lead to a full mutiny. Tuvok regains control of his mental capacities and is able to stop the rest of the Marquis before they are able to abandon the crew on a planet.

Voyager’s finds dozens of wormholes that Voyager could possibly use to finally get back to Earth, but after further investigation, discover it to be a Borg “hub” swarming with Borg. Vice Admiral Kathryn Janeway (from an alternate timeline in the early 25th century) reaches out and assists Voyager. She provided her present-day counterpart with sophisticated anti-Borg technology so that Voyager could enter the nebula and use the hub.

When Voyager reached the nebula and was able to go into transwarp, through the Borg hub to get home, Captain Janeway decided to not miss the opportunity to destroy the Borg's transwarp infrastructure. Admiral Janeway was hesitant, but eventually, with pressure from the entire Voyager crew, she relented.

Pursued by a Borg sphere and unable to fight back against the Borg’s defenses, Janeway takes her ship inside the sphere, where, upon its arrival one light year away from Earth's solar system, she detonates a torpedo that destroys the sphere from the inside. Voyager, exited the transwarp conduit in the Alpha Quadrant less than a light year from Earth. Greeted by a fleet of Starfleet vessels that had arrived to fight the Borg sphere, Captain Janeway issues her final orders with the same words she used at the start of Voyager's journey from the Delta Quadrant: "Set a course... for home." 

Shortly after Voyager's safe return to Earth, Kathryn Janeway was promoted to the rank of Admiral and took a position at Starfleet Command.

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    Around 1:20:00 Tom says “I can’t keep ahead of it Captain”, 7 of 9 and Chocotay say “where’s the nearest apperature” and “it’s 30 seconds away but it leads back to the Delta quadrant” to which Janeway replies “Mr. Paris prepare to adjust your heading”? Where/what did Voyager do to end up behind the cube so they could fire at it? For the life of me I have tried to figure that part out but it still remains a mystery to me. Can someone please explain what I’m missing? Thanks 😁

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