Why You Should Watch Star Trek Strange New Worlds

Why You Should Watch Star Trek Strange New Worlds

Are you curious about Star Trek Strange New Worlds? Want to know if it holds up as a series before you commit to watching it?

The good news is that Strange New Worlds continues to get better with each episode it airs. It has something for all fans of Star Trek, whether you've been watching for years or you've only started now.

The proof is in the Laurelian pudding so keep reading to learn about all the unique details of this show that make it a huge success. They'll excite any sci-fi fan!

The Return of Traditional Star Trek Ambiance

There's a reason everyone loves the older Star Trek series, such as the original series or The Next Generation. These are the shows that paved the way to make Star Trek a multi-decade success and Strange New Worlds wants to transport us back to those days.

This is done both literally (since we're dealing with Captain Pike and his crew) and figuratively (with the ambiance and callbacks to past ideas). It does this well because it uses those ideas and gives them new twists that make it stand out as a show all of its own.

You'll see crew members in recognizable uniforms but with modern updates. The feeling on the bridge is reminiscent of past Star Trek bridges. Even crew interactions will remind older Star Trek fans of the camaraderie of The Next Generation.

If you've missed the thrill of watching those older Star Trek shows, then this is a perfect match for you!

Humor Mixed With Deeper Topics

Newer Star Trek shows tend to lean one way or another when it comes to humor. Lower Decks, for instance, goes hard on the humor aspect. Discovery and Picard tend to lean on the more serious side of things.

What makes Strange New Worlds such a great entry in the Star Trek franchise is that it delivers on both accounts.

It isn't afraid to present humorous situations while offsetting that with serious topics later on. You'll get to enjoy episodes that feel lively because they deal with all aspects of humanoid interaction.

Stories about belonging, self-discovery, friendship, fear, fun, and love all intertwine together to give this Star Trek TV show a robust feeling within every episode.

Expansive Cast

No show can be complete without an interesting and diverse cast. When you watch Star Trek, you need memorable characters.

Strange New Worlds is unique because it gets to play around with well-known characters that people have loved for years. It also introduces a set of new ones for us to enjoy.

The Familiar

The return of Spock is something many fans enjoy since he's long been a fan favorite. In Strange New Worlds, we watch as he explores his identity as half-human and half-Vulcan. We also get to learn more about his relationship with T'Pring.

Captain Pike returns once more, full of the lovable swagger and cleverness that all good captains need. Visions of his troubling future plague him and he needs to learn how to deal with what he knows lies ahead of him.

Uhura's role in Strange New Worlds is an interesting one. At the moment, she's a newcomer on the ship who's trying to find her place in Starfleet. It's fun to see what kind of new role she'll test out next as she practices in various places around the ship.

Nurse Chapel is a spunky part of the crew. Throughout the series, she's shown a lot of personality which fleshes out the character we met back in the original series.

Number One, or Una, also receives some new personality and history that many fans have been dying to learn. Plus, her serious demeanor is a great way to play off Pike's natural charm.

The New

Chief Engineer Hemmer is a blind Aenar who shows off how he's more than capable of keeping the ship running. Although blind, he uses his knowledge, instinct, and other senses to get the job done with ease.

Although a pacifist, he's not afraid to speak his mind. He knows he's a capable part of the crew and expects the best from everyone else.

Ortegas is the pilot of the Enterprise and often has a lot of witty retorts to lighten the mood. When you see her on-screen, you know you're about to laugh.

Doctor M'Benga stays more in the background but has an agenda of his own that drives him forward.

La'an Noonien-Singh has a last name older Star Trek fans might recognize and that has a big impact on her personality and past.

Clever Callbacks

Star Trek is such a popular franchise that it's no wonder that many of the newer shows want to use callbacks and cameos to their advantage. Strange New Worlds does this as well, making sure that each mention aids in the story they want to tell, rather than relying on it for nostalgia.

Expanding the Canon

Since Strange New Worlds sets itself as a prequel, it has a lot of room to play with past ideas and past encounters. By taking those ideas and expanding upon them, the show gives these things a breath of life.

The Aenar, for example, haven't been around in Star Trek since 2005 in Enterprise.

With the chief engineer being an Aenar, a subspecies of Andorians, we have the chance to learn even more about the race. As pacifists and telepaths, there's a lot of interesting history to explore. Hemmer is sure to show us more of his unique skills as the show continues.

This show isn't afraid to give fans more of what they already love, while still keeping things fresh and exciting every step of the way!

Star Trek Strange New Worlds Delivers Everything Sci-Fi Fans Want

The best part about Star Trek Strange New Worlds is the fact that it takes all of the great parts about past Star Trek series and turns them into something new. It's an exciting show full of intriguing stories, fun encounters, and growing relationships.

There's something there for everyone to love. Make sure to tune in as it's bound to get even better!

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