Star Trek Prodigy Season One-Trailer Review

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Star Trek Prodigy Season One-Trailer Review

Star Trek: Prodigy Trailer review....

Or as I’d like to call it, a level one party of noobs finds a Star Ship with a level 20 explorer in holographic form who loved coffee when she was flesh and blood as the Captain of Voyager.

Star Trek’s new animated series is coming! Released on Star Trek Day, the trailer for Star Trek Prodigy is an entertaining romp through the Star Trek animated universe.  Prodigy is very unlike its bawdy cousin Lower Decks, this series seems to be aimed at the family demographic with a style of animation that is reminiscent of the animated show Deep.

The trailer starts with the words “hope has no purpose here”, with flashes of scenes of the main characters.  Then their discovery of an abandoned Starfleet Vessel in what looks like a hollow asteroid. They accidentally activate the ship and a holographic display that turns out to be one of Captain Janeway, who greets them by saying “Welcome aboard”.  Hilarious glimpses of the series occur as the robot is questioned on his flying skills as he pilots the ship out. The plot of the trailer seems to hold that the group embraced Starfleet’s directive to explore instead of using it for financial gain or violence.

I think it’s amazing to bring Janeway back as a holographic teacher on how to become part of Starfleet. It is a great way to hook kids into Star Trek. Kate Mulgrew agrees, "It's really, I think, going to capture the imagination of little kids. And if they can sit with their mothers, who watched me in live-action, and their fathers who loved the other guys, we’ve got a family affair and that will bring it full circle.” (Dennis Miller Plus One Podcast)

The show is introducing a new race, the Vau N' Akat,  as the pale grey-skinned Gwyn played by Ella Purnell, as well as old ones such as the Tellarites with a character named Jankom Pog, played by Jason Mantzoukas. Dee Bradley Baker is known in another Galaxy “far far away” as  Captain Rex joins the cast as a blob named Murf who likes to eat ship parts. The youngest crew member is 8-year-old Rok-Tahk named Brikar, played by 10-year-old Rylee Alazraqui. A great nod to the Original Series is the Medusans, seen in the episode "Is There in Truth No Beauty?" (S03, E07). The character Zero wears a containment suit as their raw energy radiating from their non-corporeal energy-based form caused insanity to any humanoid who see them without protection. Angus Imrie of “The Crown” plays Zero.
The trailer leads us to think that Dal is going to be the leader of this motley crew. He is purple-skinned and of unknown origin. He has a tremendous amount of hope, something we see in many Starfleet Captains, for the future. He is played by Brett Gray of "On My Block" (Netflix).

"Star Trek: Prodigy" will debut on Paramount+ in the US sometime in late 2021 before later airing on Nickelodeon.

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