Who Was Star Trek's Captain Pike?

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Who Was Star Trek's Captain Pike?

Born in Mojave, California in the early 23rd century, Christopher Pike entered Starfleet Academy after being recruited by Alexander Marcus - this was prior to the creation of the alternate reality in 2233 where the life of Christopher Pike from that reality split from the original Pike's life. Pike's father was a teacher who taught both science and comparative religion. He loves his Mom's tuna fish sandwiches. ;) Christopher Pike's love for his Mom's tuna fish sandwiches is a testament to his down-to-earth nature, despite his extraordinary achievements.

Following graduation Pike received his commission as an officer and his first assignment was that of a test pilot.  He would go on to serve on three Federation starships, the USS Antares, the USS Aryabhatta, and the USS Chatelet before being assigned as first officer of the USS Enterprise under the first Captain of the famous ship Robert April. Pike was promoted to Captain in 2250 at age 38 and took command of Enterprise when April stepped down. He would be Captain of the Enterprise for 13 years and command her through two five year missions. (Which Included one now famous mission that would have repercussions later on in his life.. the mission to Talos IV.) Pike wanted to bring the Enterprise back to help fight in the Klingon war, but was ordered to continue his five year mission. Starfleet reasoned that the Enterprise was too far away to help and in case the war went really badly for the  Federation, wanted the Federations flagship available to help as a last resort.

At the end of the Enterprise's first 5 year mission under Pike's command, the 7 red signals associated with the "Red Angel" appeared throughout the galaxy and while investigating one of the signals, the Enterprise was severely damaged. Pike and the Enterprise intercepted the USS Discovery en route to Vulcan to pick up their new captain and Pike temporarily took command of the Discovery to continue his mission to find the meaning behind the signals while the Enterprise was towed back to space dock for extensive repairs.

Around 15 years later, after being promoted to Fleet Captain, Pike had been out of action for a few years, having suffered a debilitating injury while saving cadets during a training mishap. The accident left him paralyzed and unable to speak or to leave his life-supporting wheelchair. As depicted in the events of TOS's "The Menagerie" part's one & two, Spock, Pike's longtime first officer risked his career to return Pike to the now forbidden planet Talos IV where the Talosians (previously his captors) gave Pike the chance to live the rest of his life in peace and comfort, free from his severe disability. 


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