Star Trek Discovery Season 4 Preview

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Star Trek Discovery Season 4 Preview

Discovery Season 4 Preview

By Katherine Schwanitz

Star Trek Discovery recently released new set pictures and a trailer. As we wait for the new season, (which will air sometime this fall) let’s do a quick review of what we know and even do some speculation! Spoilers ahead!

Season 4 officially started production on November 2nd, 2020. The cast is all returning, including Doug Jones as Saru, as to a full-time role or not, is uncertain. However, based on the new trailer footage there is a new Kelpien about to board! Seeing Kelpiens who are fully acclimated to the larger universe with their planet as an established post-warp culture will be exciting.

Also returning is fan favorite, Comedian Tig Notaro who plays Jett Reno. She recently said to the AV Club, “One of the fun parts about Star Trek: Discovery, for me, is that they let me just pop in from time to time. Often I hear like, “Oh, they don’t use you enough,” or, “How come they’re not letting you…?” I’m like, “Star Trek lets me do whatever.” I have a full career doing stand-up and other projects and the fact that they’re so flexible with making my schedule work.” Glad to see her return to the show! I adore her cantankerous sass, she reminds me of Bones!

The mysterious Kovich will also be back.

Gone are the grey uniforms and in are command color ones! Good choice!

The crew of Discovery, now led by Captain Michael Burnham (Will she actually stay Captain? Probably this time.) will face off with another cosmic menace, now that the Burn mystery is solved, a new threat in the shape of a gravitational anomaly that can, per the dialogue in the trailer, appear out of nowhere and destroy ships.

The anomaly isn’t small. 5 lightyears across is huge. From Sol to where its gravity ends are 2 light-years. Well past any planetoid.

It is unknown if this is natural or artificially occurring.

What is known is that the fear and uncertainty of this phenomenon has taken a toll, “We're all living in uncertainty, even for a crew as familiar with it as this one. The stress is taking its toll. But we are not in this alone. None of us are.”

What it does for the Federation is becoming a uniting crisis for non-Federation worlds. Bringing Ni’var into the fold again would be huge.

What do you think of the trailer? Odds for Burnham going rogue again? Will Saru stay? Are we getting Kelpien crew? Who or what is behind the anomaly?

Tell us your thoughts and theories below!

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