The 4th Star Trek Movie Villain Revealed??

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The 4th Star Trek Movie Villain Revealed??

There have been some rumors floating around lately about the villain that will be in the next Star Trek Reboot film Star Trek 4. Now, I'm not generally big on rumors, and these rumors are definitely just that...rumors,but this one is interesting and got my attention. The next villain is said to be the alternate timeline version of Kruge. Yes, the same Klingon villain from Star Trek III The Search For Spock played by the famous Christopher Lloyd who starred in the Back to the Future movie trilogy as well as other films and TV shows. 

I loved Lloyd's version of Kruge and thought he was one of the best bad guys in all of Star Trek. The fact that he was a Klingon made him an even better bad guy.

The Kelvin timeline movies (with the exception of their brief appearance in "Into Darkness") haven't done a whole lot with the Klingons either. Having the alternate version of Kruge could be a great way to do it. It would be very interesting to see how the alternate USS Enterprise crew would deal with a troublemaker like Kruge. Kruge was a great Klingon bad guy that differed from anything seen in Trek movies to that point too. He wasn't just the grunting,primitive Klingon type that we saw in The Motion Picture. He was intelligent,calculating,experienced and driven. He made a good match to Kirk. He was actually a threat. I mean,he was ultimately responsible for destroying the most beloved Starship in Star Trek history,right??

The Klingon's have been a sub-story or passing threat in the Kelvin timeline movies up to now. In "Into Darkness" Admiral Marcus even said that because of Nero's disruption of the timeline in 2009's "Star Trek" war with the Klingon's was "inevitable". I think it's time to see the Klingon's take center stage as the villains in thee next Star Trek movie....As to whether that villain is Kruge in a story to the one in Star Trek III or the whole Klingon race in an all out war with the Federation...I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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