"I understand the concept of humor. It may not be apparent, but I am often amused by Human behavior."

Early Life

Annika Hansen was born in 2350, on the Federation Tendara colony to exobiologists Magnus and Erin Hansen. She visited Earth and stayed with her Aunt Irene, who lived on a farm. She often stayed with her when her parents had to travel. Annika enjoyed the strawberry tarts that her aunt used to coax her out of her room. She was precocious and opinionated and would let her Aunt know if the strawberries were not ripe enough. Young Annika dreamed of becoming a ballerina.

Her parents were the first to study the race that would become known as the Borg. The Federation granted them the use of the USS Raven to study them. In 2353, they had Annika join them on the ship and she celebrated 3 birthdays aboard. They found and tracked a Borg cube through its transwarp conduit into Borg-controlled space. They gathered a great deal of information without being detected thanks to their shields having multi-adaptive shielding created by Magnus Hansen. They were bold enough to even go aboard the Borg's vessels.  Their research came to an end however, in 2356 when an ion storm damaged their ship and shields. It left them exposed and in 13.2 seconds the Borg detected them. They attempted to escape but the Borg could not be fooled any longer. They were assimilated near B’omar space.

Becoming Borg

Annika was placed in a Borg maturation chamber where she was changed. Her synaptic pathways were restructured by the Borg’s hive mind and eventually purged her individuality and personality. She emerged as a drone in 2361 and was given the designation Seven of Nine. As Seven of Nine, she assisted her cube and the Borg in the assimilation of millions of life forms. This included Humans, Bajorans, Klingons, Ferengi, Cardassians, and more.

In 2368, she and three other members of her unimatrix crash-landed on a planet. While others began to return to what they were before their assimilation, Seven of Nine did not. She forced the drones to join with her in a temporary collective till they were recovered. She would remain a drone until 2374.

Recovery by the USS Voyager


The USS Voyager, lost in the Delta quadrant after being pulled there by the Caretaker, was attempting to cross Borg space to return to the Alpha quadrant. The Borg were deep in hostilities with Species 8472 and not doing well. Captain Kathryn Janeway offered the Borg technology in exchange for safe passage through Borg space. They agreed. They sent Seven of Nine and other drones to assist the crew in the assembly of the weapons. During a battle with Species 8472, the Cube sacrificed itself and Captain Janeway was severely injured, leaving Commander Chakotay in command of Voyager. Seven demanded that Voyager travel to another cube, but he refused. The drones in response, tried to commandeer the ship. First officer, Commander Chakotay decompressed the deck the drones were on and spaced all but Seven into oblivion. Seven of Nine successfully took Voyager into Species 8472’s realm and deployed the weapon. The attack was successful and Species 8472 retreated. Their enemy beaten, the Collective turned on the Starfleet ship, breaking their alliance. Captain Janeway, prepared for this moment, enacted her plan which permanently severed the connection between Seven of Nine and the Collective. Captain Janeway decided to keep Seven aboard as they continued home.

Seven of Nine’s transition back to humanity was difficult due to her age when she was assimilated. Voyager’s holographic medical officer was able to remove most of her implants and trigger responses to restore her human appearance. Not all implants could be removed, as she had been a Borg drone for so long, they were now vital to her survival. She refused to be called Annika, as she barely remembered being human. She did however accept a shortened nickname of Seven by the crew.

She fully regained her memory after Voyager passed near the planet B’omar, a planet she visited with her parents before assimilation. She received a signal from a Borg homing beacon that was on the planet. The signal triggered an overwhelming desire to find the downed Borg craft. She recovered her full memory after finding the ship, which turned out to be the USS Raven.

Becoming part of the crew

Seven threw herself into her work with the crew. She worked with the engineering crew as they modified the warp drive to achieve trans warp. Their efforts were not successful and the warp core was almost destroyed. She worked with Ensign Harry Kim to design an astrometrics lab. Their use of Borg technology to plot routes allowed Voyager to cut several years off the ship’s return to the Alpha Quadrant. The Lab also helped Seven discover the Hirogen communications network, which allowed Voyager to communicate with the Alpha Quadrant and finally in real-time as they got closer to home. The lab also created nanoprobes that allowed the crew to revive individuals that had been dead for several hours.

Seven had issues understanding Human morality. When Voyager found a member of Species 8472 who was being hunted for sport by the Hirogen, Seven argued for turning it over to the hunting party to protect Voyager. Seven could not understand why Captain Janeway would argue to save this creature and endanger her crew. Seven ultimately took matters into her own hands and gave the creature to the Hirogens. Captain Janeway punished Seven by revoking many of her privileges, which Seven found unfair because she was asserting her individuality and free will. Something she argued the crew had been working with her to express.

Seven also worked with the crew to contain Omega particles in 2374. They had temporarily stabilized right before they were destroyed. Seven was the only one to see them do so while in the chamber with them. She believed as the Borg had, that they held the key to perfection and became fascinated with them.

In late 2374, an Enthaean weapons broker named Kovin was in negotiations with Voyager to sell weapons. Seven was assigned to work to access his stock. She was highly uncomfortable with Kovin but didn’t know why. The Doctor helped Seven recover memories, which suggested that he had assaulted her. Using this evidence, circumstantial as it was, Voyager tries to apprehend him. Later it’s discovered that it was her memories that weren’t clear and had mixed with her Borg drone experiences. Kovin was innocent but when contacting him went badly, he died. Seven and the Doctor felt like they were responsible for his death.

In 2375, the Hazari, a race of bounty hunters began to harass and attack Voyager. A group known as the Think Tank contacted Voyager and offered to help them defeat the Hazari but only if Voyager handed over Seven to them as payment. The Hazari had been hired by Kurros to attack Voyager so he could obtain Seven. He was defeated when lured in by Seven, who used a neural telepathic net to overload the Think Tank and allow the Hazari to attack them. Seven returned to Voyager triumphant.

She helped build the Delta Flyer shuttle that was a hybrid of Starfleet and Borg technology. She primarily developed a Borg-inspired weapons system for the craft.

She also worked with the crew on their quantum slipstream drive. The experimental technology was promising, but didn't succeed in it's goal of delivering them to Earth. It actually almost resulted in disaster. Her Borg implants received data from the future that saved Voyager from an alternative fate which had all crew, except for two not aboard, killed. Those two sent information back in time that saved them, getting Voyager 10 years closer to Earth.

Seven encountered drones that she had crash-landed with, in 2368. They had been permanently bonded due to her actions to keep them from being individuals then, despite being free of the collective. They discovered the truth of what had happened when she voluntarily linked with them to retrieve memories. When breaking the link, more damage happened, leaving the drones in comas. Their only chance to continue to live was to be returned to the Borg or die within a month. Seven again made a choice, this time to remove their implants, giving them a month as themselves, fully free. Still harboring anger, they were still grateful for their freedom, even if brief.

Seven struggled with righting what she felt she had participated in, even though she was a victim of the Borg as much as any other drone. She helped a species known as the Vaadwaur. She discovered that they were warlike conquers and freeing them from stasis created new suffering.

She also worried about losing her humanity, as she fought in a ring after being captured by a race known as the Penk, in the place of an injured Tuvok. She had only won in the fighting ring by letting loose her control over her rage. He assured her that feeling remorse and guilt meant she was very much human.

Further remorse over her actions as a Borg haunted her. She attempted to help a condemned man who had committed murder. Even after he had taken her prisoner to escape his fate. In the end, he still died for his crime, and Seven was left wondering if she deserved the same fate. Captain Janeway asserted that her time in the Collective was punishment enough.

In 2375, her nanoprobes malfunctioned and merged with the Doctor’s holo emitter. Ensign Mulchaey was assigned to assist in removing the malfunctioning nanoprobes. The nanoprobes then sampled his DNA and used it to build what would become known as One, an advanced 29th century Borg drone. The Borg picked up his signal and despite efforts to prevent this, he was transported aboard the Borg ship. He then proceeded to destroy the Borg ship, his personal shielding protecting him. He survived the destruction of the Cube but was badly injured. He refused treatment, wanting to protect the crew from being assimilated by the Borg trying to attain him. Seven mourned him as if he had been her child.

Later that year, the crew raided a damaged Borg sphere to steal a transwarp coil to shorten their way home. During this, Seven was contacted by the Borg Queen, who revealed that this was all a trap and that the crew of Voyager would be assimilated if she did not return to the Collective. Seven, willing to sacrifice herself for her crew, agreed. She learned that the Queen had plotted all along to use Seven in a plan to assimilate Humanity. She resisted the Queen and Voyager rescued her.

That would not be the last time Seven had to deal with the Borg Queen. In 2377, Seven discoverd that she was one of a few Borg that could use a virtual space known as Unimatrix Zero. In this space, she was Annika, she was able to retain, at least unconsciously as she regenerated, her individuality. She reconnected with a Borg that she had a relationship with in this virtual space. Finally, the Queen had learned of Unimatrix Zero and attempted to destroy it. Voyager’s actions, which included the Captain, Tuvok, and Torres becoming Borg drones while still retaining their individuality, for a time, thanks to an inoculation were able to defeat the Queen. This started a civil war inside the Collective.

Species 6339, intentionally infected a Borg Cube with a synthetic pathogen designed to attack the vinculum (the processing device that interconnects all Borg drones, and purges individual thoughts). The device survived the destruction of a Borg cube and infected Seven causing a multiple-personality disorder in her. These personalities were all former Borg assimilated people that included a scared human child, a Klingon warrior, a Vulcan, a Krenium scientist, a Ferengi, and a woman from the USS Melbourne at the Battle of Wolf 359. The personalities took over Seven, forcing her personality into retreat. Tuvok mind-melded with her to restore her consciousness and rid her of the other personalities.

The crew of Voyager, except for Chakotay, Kim, and Neelix who were aboard the Delta Flyer, after abandoning ship due to a subspace mine damaging the ship, were captured by the Quarren to be used as labor. Their memories had been over ridden with new memories. Seven went by her original name, Annika Hansen. Tuvok, being Vulcan, was not fully taken by the programming and remembered who he was and who Seven was. He mind melded with her, restoring her true memories. She worked with Tuvok to discover the truth and return the crew back to Voyager.

Return to Earth

Voyager returned to Earth in 2378 thanks to the time-traveling Admiral Janeway from 2404 who went back in time to help the crew get home faster. To do so Voyager had to enter a Nebula “crawling with Borg”. The Borg Queen was there, refusing their entry. Seven communicated with the Queen telling her that Voyager was no threat, that they only wanted to return to the Alpha Quadrant. The Queen responded that she had no issue with that, but that they couldn’t use the Nebula to do so. She injured Seven by sending an electromagnetic surge to Seven

Seven awakened in Sickbay and informed the two Janeways of the Queen’s demand to not enter the nebula. Voyager did so anyway and engaged the Borg. Except for Species 8472, no other race had been able to defeat the Borg. Voyager did. The Borg tractor beam and all other weaponry fail to incapacitate Voyager. Admiral Janeway ordered a new type of torpedo launched against the Borg. A transphasic torpedo. It destroyed a Borg cube in one shot. The Borg Queen realized she couldn't win and retreated. Janeway ordered Voyager to move to the center of the nebula. As they arrived they saw why the Borg did not want Voyager inside it. The Borg had been constructing a transwarp hub, Seven explained to the Bridge Crew.

The two Janeways did not agree on their course of action. Captain Janeway wanted to destroy the transwarp hub and Admiral Janeway just wanted to get her old crew home 20 years early. Admiral Janeway boards her ship and leaves, starting her plan to stop the Borg. She taunts the Borg Queen using a neural relay, eventually being captured and assimilated. Which ended badly for the Borg as she was infected with a pathogen that kills the Queen and severs the collective. The Borg attempted to stop Voyager but were destroyed. The ship then appeared close to Earth and they were home.

Life after Voyager

Seven did not stay with Starfleet and instead at some point post Voyager joined the Fenris Rangers, a group dedicated to peacekeeping that operated near the Romulan Neutral Zone. She worked closely with a black market fixer and dealer named Bjayzl who was collecting parts from former Borg drones, now known as xBs. Through Seven, Bjayzl had learned about Icheb, a former drone and now a Starfleet lieutenant aboard the USS Coleman. In 2386, he was lured into a trap while on a mission for the Rangers. He was taken to her facility on Vergessen where his implants were cruelly stripped from him, without anesthetic, leaving him in agonizing pain. In this state is where Seven found him and begged her to end his life. She did so, after weeping and cradling him in his arms.

Assisting Picard

In 2399, she came to the La Sirena’s rescue above the planet Vashti. Her ship was destroyed and she was brought on board. She told Picard, after seeing him, and before she passed out, that he owed her a ship. After waking, Picard,  who was now forcefully retired after failing to save the Romulan people from their exploding star, was now trying to find Dr. Bruce Maddox in his quest to help androids. The Doctor was to be handed over to the Tal Shiar, the Romulan intelligence agency. Seven joined this effort by offering to be “handed” over to Bjayzl. The plan went well, and Maddox was rescued. Picard appeared to talk Seven out of killing Bjayzl, but after declining a ride, she teleported back to the nightclub and vaporizeed Bjayzl in retribution for Icheb’s death, telling her that he was like a son to her.

The Artifact

Hugh, the xB that Picard had set free was now the director of the Borg Reclamation Project aboard a cube known as the “Artifact” in Romulan space. However, Hugh had been killed assisting Picard and Soji Asha (an android) use the spatial trajector (a long-distance teleport) located in the Cube’s queencell to escape the Romulans pursuing them. Seven was called to the Cube to assist and took control of it. She began to regenerate the damage. In response the Romulans started to vent and space drones, killing xBs. Seven then linked to the transceivers of the disconnected Borg, making a mini-collective, with her acting as their Queen. She didn’t want to assimilate all these Borg again. The Romulans left the Cube to pursue Picard to the synthetic android world of Coppelius. Elinor asked Seven if he would be assimilated and the collective responded that "Annika still had work to do" before disconnecting Seven from the queencell, but not before opening a transwarp conduit to follow them to Coppelius. The Artifact crashed to the surface. Elinor pledged to stay with Seven as she worked to repair and reactivate the cube. She told Picard to "keep saving the galaxy" but he responded that is her job now.

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