S'chn T 'Gai Spock-A Star Trek Personnel file

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S'chn T 'Gai Spock-A Star Trek Personnel file

The Federation Officer and Vulcan known as Spock is best known for his service aboard the USS Enterprise, his work as an ambassador, and then saving the Federation from a Supernova.

Early Life

Spock was born to Vulcan Scientist and Ambassador Sarek and his human Mother, Amanda Grayson on January 6th, 2230 on Vulcan in the city Shi'Kahr. Amanda was a schoolteacher and descendant of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. His family included an adopted sister, Michael Burnham, and an older half-brother, Sybok. Spock struggled with what Vulcans called L'tak Terai but on Earth was called learning disabilities. Amanda believed it was dyslexia, which ran in her family. She worked with him to overcome it, but other issues were not as easy to overcome. His human side was more apparent in his childhood, and he had few filters.

After the death of 2 Human Scientists at a Vulcan colony Doctari Alpha, Sarek adopted their orphaned child, Michael Burnham. He did so feeling this was the duty of an Ambassador. Spock did not like the addition of Michael to the household,even closing his room's door in Michael's face instead of greeting her for the first time. Afterwards, he became curious about her, becoming what Michael would later describe as “her little shadow”. This came to an end when Extremist Logic Bombers targeted the Vulcan Learning Center because Michael was there as a student. Overwhelmed with feelings, she tried to run away. Spock attempted to stop her but desperate to get away, she verbally attacked his parentage to get him to stop following her. This left a huge rift, not only between Spock and Michael but everyone else. Spock would no longer be an open child, he built walls to protect himself  as Michael's insult left a lasting, permanent change in Spock; no amends would ever be accepted by him. After running away, Michael’s whereabouts were revealed to Spock by a “Red Angel”.

Spock choose Starfleet over attending the Vulcan Science Academy, stating to them that they would never see him as an equal after they revealed that his record was impressive given his “disadvantages” (his parentage).

Starfleet Academy and early career

Spock continued his science education and became commissioned in 2250 with A7 computer expert classification. In 2254, Spock was assigned to the USS Enterprise under the command of Captain Christopher Pike. He became close with the ship's first officer, Lieutenant Commander Una, who preferred to be called “Number One”. He rescued his Captain on Talos IV when he was the first to figure out that the Talosians had strong illusionary capabilities. It was his report that joined his Captain’s to support a ban on visiting the planet. Starfleet agreed.

Red Angel

Following the Klingon War, which had been started by his Foster Sister Michael at the Battle of the Binary Stars, Spock took a leave of absence from Starfleet. Michael, aboard the Enterprise and reading his personal logs, discovered that Spock had been seeing a “Red Angel” since childhood, the first time being when he was told by the Angel in a vision where Michael had hidden when she ran away. He followed these visions to an unknown planet where he encountered the Red Angel again. He performed a mind meld and found it was a human mind in an advanced suit of unknown futuristic properties. During the mind meld, he saw the destruction of Vulcan, Earth, Andor, and Tellar. Spock began experiencing time non-linearly which damaged his sanity to his breaking point. He voluntarily had himself committed to a psychiatric facility on Starbase 5. His orders were firm to Starfleet to not let his family know of his condition. While there, the red bursts happened as predicted. When told Spock broke out of his commitment, incapacitating staff with Vulcan nerve pinches and stealing a shuttle.
Starfleet reports that Spock had killed 3 Doctors. The USS Discovery and Section 31 (Starfleet Intelligence) were sent to find him. Spock, aware that Starfleet was now trying to find him, ditched the shuttle and returned to Vulcan and his mother Amanda. She hid him in a sacred crypt that had katra stones to shield him from telepathic scans.

Spock’s condition had him completely detached from reality, repeating a childhood lesson, the First Doctrines of Logic as well as a sequence of numbers, and nothing else.

Michael convinced Amanda to let her help Spock, but they were followed by Sarek who convinced Michael that it was Section 31 that would be best to help him. Michael went along with this until Section 31’s Captain Leland's duplicity was revealed, along with his intent to rip the memories from Spock's mind and kill him. Michael saved him and realized that the numbers Spock was repeatedly writing on the wall were backwards, due to his Vulcan dyslexia, and that they represent coordinates for Talos IV. The Talosians agreed to heal Spock’s mind and aided both Michael and Spock’s getaway back to the Enterprise.


In 2258,Spock returned to Starfleet service as a Science Officer, cleared of all wrongdoing, and sworn to secrecy to never talk about his Foster Sister or the Discovery again. He continued to serve on the Enterprise under a new Captain, as Pike had been promoted to Fleet Captain, as first officer to James T. Kirk in 2265.

Talos IV, the return

In 2267, Spock faked transmissions and took control of the Enterprise to get his former Captain, now severely injured and unable to move or speak due to injuries sustained in the line of duty, to Talos IV. He did this even though there was a ban carrying the death penalty for going to the planet, that he himself had recommended. Spock’s loyalty to Pike was that he could not allow his Captain to live the rest of his days unable to truly live. The Talosians again agreed to help the Humans and Pike, giving him the illusion of a full life again. Charges against Spock were dropped, and Pike remained with the Talosians.


* The Enterprise was thrown back in time to 1969. After encountering the US Air Force, Spock was able to throw the ship forward in time again by using a sling shot move around the sun causing a time warp,

* It was Spock who proved Captain Kirk innocent of murder by showing the computer had been altered by beating it 4 times at Chess.

* His expertise with computers again shined when he helped disable a computer on Beta III. It had been controlling the civilization and outlawing creative thinking and free speech.

* The Enterprise found one of their most challenging villains in 2267. Khan Noonien Singh, a 20th  century dictator from the Eugenics Wars on Earth, in statis. He had quickly taken over the ship. Spock saved the Enterprise by flooding it with gas, disabling Khan and his followers. Khan would again challenge the Enterprise, Kirk and Spock in 2285.

* After Dr. McCoy accidentally stumbled into 1930s Earth and changed events that wiped away the Federation and all they knew, along with Hitler winning WW2, Spock and Kirk used the same portal that Dr. McCoy used, go back and try to undo what he has done. Spock was the one who figured out that one woman had to die so that so that many more could live.

Spock and his Father repaired their relationship during a trip to a peace conference on Babel. Sarek was accused of murder, and Spock found proof he had been framed, as Sarek’s health would not have permitted the rigors of the crimes. Sarek received a life saving blood transfusion from Spock, as they both shared the same rare blood type.

After the 5-year mission

Spock choose to take a leave of absence so he could complete the kolinahr ritual to purge himself of his emotions he had occasionally shown on the Enterprise. For 2 years he worked at his training of ridding himself of emotions on Vulcan. He left his path of training when he came to a spiritual place of vast consciousness. He resumed being a Starfleet Officer to help the now Rear Admiral Kirk during the V’ger incident. He remained in Starfleet afterwards and was promoted to Captain. He trained cadets on the retired Enterprise.

In 2285, Khan threatened the Enterprise and the universe once again. His aim this time though was to use a device called Genesis. During a battle between the Enterprise and the USS Reliant, which Khan had commandeered, both ships were disabled. Spock enterd the Enterprise’s engine room, which was flooded with radiation, and got the warp engines back online, right before Khan engaged the device. The Enterprise was able to get far enough away before the device activated, which caused the nebula it was in to collapse and coalesce into a new planet. Kirk ran to engineering, the safety glass between him and his now dying friend. Spock tells Kirk "I have been and always shall be your friend. Live long and prosper".

Spock’s body was placed in a torpedo case and shot onto the new planet. It came to rest, and the radiation from the process that brought the planet to be also affected the body of Spock. It regenerated him. With the help of Dr. McCoy, of whom Spock had entrusted a part of essence to, his body and mind were reunited. Returning to Earth, they found that the planet was under siege by a probe looking for humpback whales. The whale species had been defunct for over 200 hundred years and the crew was tasked aboard a commandeered Klingon Bird of Prey, renamed the HMS Bounty, to get whales to answer the probe’s call. Using the sling shot time travel effect, Spock was able to move the Bounty through time to the year 1986. The crew was able to acquire 2 whales and refuel the Bounty’s dilithium crystal chamber using uranium they stole from the USS Enterprise aircraft carrier of 1986. They arrived back in 2286 and Earth was saved.

Spock continued to serve Starfleet, engaging in an attempt at Klingon peace talks after the Praxis disaster. The talks were used to set up an assassination that was pinned on Kirk. Kirk was cleared of charges, but the endangerment of his friends lives and the consequences that followed haunted Spock for many years.


In 2368 Spock engaged in an unauthorized mission to Romulus to attempt to reunification of Romulans and Vulcans. He did so to keep the affects and consequences that had haunted him on his last peace mission from spilling over onto the Federation or to have any more disagreements with his father, Sarek, as they had over the Cardassians.

Captain Picard of the Enterprise D, had previously worked with Sarek to help him complete a peace conference while ill with the effects of Bendii Syndrome, and once again when Picard was called to Vulcan with Sarek on his death bed. Picard was informed that Spock was missing and likely per intelligence was on Romulus. Sarek melded with Picard before his death and after Picard found Spock, he shared the news but also the meld with his father with him, letting Spock know how much his father truly cared for his son.

Red Matter Incident

In 2387, the Romulan Sun became unstable and threatened to become a supernova. Romulus faced extinction. After a terrorist attack on Mars destroyed the rescue fleet, Spock formed a plan to use red matter to stop the explosion and create an artificial black hole instead. Before he could inject it though, the star went supernova and destroyed Romulus. The nearby craft, Narada, a Romulan mining craft witnessed Spock’s efforts and blamed him for the destruction of the planet. Spock released the red matter and it consumed the supernova instead. Pulled into the forming black hole, Spock was thrown back to 2258 in an alternate reality. Nero who had been thrown 25 years years into this reality’s past was waiting to capture him and the red matter. Spock was helpless as Nero used the red matter to consume Vulcan. After the events in this new time, Spock worked to create a colony for the surviving Vulcans.

In 2263 in the alternate universe, Spock died of natural causes on New Vulcan. His belongings, including a picture of Spock in his original timeline, along so many of his friends including Kirk, was given to the younger Spock.




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