New York Comic Con Star Trek Discovery Trailer-10-10-21

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New York Comic Con Star Trek Discovery Trailer-10-10-21

Today we seek to understand a threat like none our galaxy has faced before” – Captain Michael Burnham

A new Trailer dropped from New York Comic Con for Discovery! It teases plenty of action, and intrigue as the rebuilding Federation and the Galaxy faces a threat from an unknown anomaly that is destroying everything in its wake as it races about, without warning or true direction. At some point, Burnham suffers an injury that has her in a hospital bed with a concerned Doctor Culper and Book.

 “We are all in this together”

The trailer revealed other species at a meeting around a great dais inside the main Federation space station, including the much talked about, and hotly debated Ferengis. Their look reflects Andy Probert's original 1987-era concept designs for the species according to Trek Core on Twitter. The lobs are much different with points and wrinkles that span out from the face instead of wrapping around. The reaction online has been mostly negative, a flashback to the reaction that the Klingons received with Discovery. It will take time to see if the hard-core fans come around to this new look.

The Federation President, with a mixed background of Bajoran, Cardassian, and Human lineage lectures Captain Burnham, “Leadership is about balance… there’s a very fine line between a pendulum and a wrecking ball”. That’s apt as the way Burnham has behaved in the past is much like a wrecking ball. Getting things done but extremely messy. Having a President that reflects the joining of the Cardassian and Bajoran people along with humans is another bold move for the show.

It seems by these words that Michael hasn’t fully put behind her the brave but foolish actions before fully considering the full weight of what her choices will bring not only to Discovery but the galaxy, yet.

“With so much at stake—countless lives, futures—once we enter the anomaly, we are going where no one has gone before,” says Burnham, sitting calmly, almost cheerful like in the trailer.

The trailer suggests that Discovery will enter the anomaly, and it’s not certain that they even understand what it is before entering it. The gravitational anomaly resembles a black hole. Knowing the forces of time and gravity that exist inside the event horizon, I’m curious to see how exactly the Discovery would handle this? Or does it not even work that way? November 18th we fans will find out!

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