Why Is There So Much Hate For Star Trek Discovery and New Trek??

Star Trek Discovery -

Why Is There So Much Hate For Star Trek Discovery and New Trek??

Ok...Let me start by saying that as a lifelong Star Trek fan that has seen every Star Trek movie and TV episode ever made multiple times, that I really like Star Trek Discovery and I really enjoyed the reboot/Kelvin timeline movies. Every Star Trek movie and TV show has had it's flaws and Discovery and the Reboot movies are no different.....(How many Star Trek shows had stellar first,second or even 3rd seasons?? All of the shows took at least a couple of seasons to hit their stride..) But why is there so much hate toward Discovery and the Reboots when the reason that they exist is I believe, because people didn't support Trek after the middle 90's??

Voyager barely finished it's 7 season run and Enterprise was cancelled in the middle of it's 4th season. (Funny thing about Enterprise is that all the people that ripped on it and didn't support it then are wishing it could of finished it's 7 season run now...But I digress.)

Anyway, let's break down some of the arguments about Discovery. (I'll tackle the reboots another time..)

"It's not Star Trek"....Why?? Because it's not centered on the Enterprise and it's about a ship and crew that was never mentioned before?? How many different ships, crews and possible stories are there in the Star Trek Universe?? Yes, the Enterprise is the most famous ship of them all, but there are a lot of other ships and stories to be told. Besides that, many of the complaints around the older shows and movies were ironically that they should do stories about other ships and crews. People were complaining they wanted something new and fresh. Discovery is trying to fill in a gap of Trek history that has never been officially shown before.

"The tech on the ships and the F/X are too advanced"... Ok...Compared to The Original Series, you'd have a point. Consider this though, the tech we use everyday in our lives today is far more advanced than anything depicted in the Original Series,so in 200 years why wouldn't the tech be way more advanced than even anything we can think of today?? As far as the special effects go, our capabilities today are light years beyond anything they could do even 20 years ago,so why would anyone want to see the cardboard sets and empty blinking lights from back then?? TOS did the best they could with the very limited budget that they had back in the 60's. Believe it or not,the F/X they had were cutting edge for that time too. Discovery has a much bigger budget. Why wouldn't they want to try to impress people with the special effects?? What they had back in the 60's is cheesy now..That wouldn't work with audiences today. Interestingly, there are theories floating around that kind of explain the tech differences between the older and newer shows that even fit in-story too.. ideas ranging from needing to simplify tech to help fight the Romulan war, to tech simply not working right and needing to be simplified. 

"It's not 'canon'.... It's not in the "Prime" timeline"...

Here's my in story theory on this complaint..

Enterprise, which was over 100 years before Star Trek Discovery and the Original Star Trek did make changes to the timeline. It's impossible to know exactly what they effected,but their involvement in the "Temporal Cold War" and other  time travel related missions, as careful as they were, had to of had an effect on the timeline. Who knows what the timeline would of been like had they not made those incursions. Tech could have been effected, the course of peoples lives could of been changed, etc...Actually all of the shows and many of the movies had excursions into the past..Any or all of these excursions could have affected the timeline in the ways that we're now seeing in Discovery. Not to go down a rabbit hole, but throw in Section 31 and there's even more possible reasons things are a bit different. Also, a couple of new new rumors have emerged lately...One is that Section 31 is able to move around through time, sov there are even more possibilities there if that's true...Another theory is that "Prime Spock" is stopped in the Discovery time period while on his journey to the Kelvin/alternate timeline. Yet another theory is that when the Enterprise E went back in time to stop the Borg in "First Contact",that altered the timeline. It's the "butterfly effect." Make one little change to past events, and who knows what that could affect in the future. 

"The Klingon's don't look like Klingon's.."

This one is pretty simple...Their look has changed since The Original Series and The Motion Picture...A big complaint was that in season 1 of Discovery, the Klingon's didn't have hair. I like the reasoning that they shave their heads in times of war. (Funny thought....Does that mean that General Chang was always in a state of war??)

"I'm not paying for another streaming service.."

CBS took a big chance putting Star Trek exclusively on Paramount+ exclusively and it worked (CBS  just posted big earnings for Paramount+ & Showtime.) and now all the other major franchises are following suit. Disney, Marvel and many of the big franchises are have or are starting their own pay services. It's the way of the future. At some point, things might get ridiculous and someone will come up with a way to streamline services,but this is where we're going for the foreseeable future. Besides,I'm fine with paying less than a cup of fancy coffee per month to watch any and all Trek whenever I want. 

There are more complaints some of which I don't even get like "the acting is bad"..I think Discovery has had some of the best acting I've seen in any Star Trek show...

I've noticed quite a bit of push back lately from people putting the haters in place. I'm really glad that's happening. To me that shows that more and more people are enjoying Discovery. The first season was bumpy, but like I said earlier no Star Trek show has had awesome 1st seasons. I think Discovery has found it's footing now and is definitely on the right track. With them getting renewed for more seasons each year, it must be successful. I can't wait to see where it goes from here and I can't wait to see what is in store for the entire franchise in the months and years to come!

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