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Updated 2-12-2022

James T. Kirk was best known as the Captain of the USS Enterprise and USS Enterprise-A and for defeating Nero and Khan who were enemies of Starfleet and the Federation.

Destruction of the USS Kelvin

The USS Kelvin under the command of Captain Richard Robau and his first officer Lieutenant Commander George Kirk, father of James Kirk. Were 75,000 kilometers from the Federation-Klingon border when attacked by unknown aggressors after a black hole was created by the detonation of a red matter device in 2387. This detonation altered the timeline, sending 2 space crafts back in time creating an alternate reality. The Narada, a Romulan mining vessel emerged first and attacked the USS Kelvin and under the lure of negotiation, they murdered Captain Robau.

The Kelvin was heavily damaged by the attack and young Kirk, now in command ordered the crew to abandon the ship. As this was happening, his wife Winona was giving birth to the future Captain, James T. Kirk. Disaster struck when the ship’s auto-destruct was damaged. Now unable to use it to ram the Kelvin into the Narada to give the life pods a chance to escape, Kirk decided to remain at the helm and sacrifice his life to save his crew, his wife and his newly born infant son, which they name James Tiberius Kirk.

Early Life

Kirk grew up rebellious and without direction because of the loss of his father. His mother, Winona remarried, and settled in Iowa, in the Midwest of America on Earth. When Kirk was a pre-teen he stole his Fathers classic antique 1965 Chevy Corvette convertible, (that his Step-Father now claimed) and  recklessly drove through the countryside, engaging in a high-speed chase with the local police before ditching the car as it went over a cliff, nearly killing the young Kirk.

At age twenty-two Kirk was known for being a rule-breaker and a bar brawler, he was doing exactly that after meeting Nyota Uhura and impressing her despite his romantic advances with his knowledge of xenolinguistics. Taking on three Starfleet Cadets, Kirk was overwhelmed and then saved by the entrance of Captain Christopher Pike. Pike knew Kirk through his dissertation on the USS Kelvin. He told Kirk that he was "the only genius-level repeat offender in the Midwest" and that he could do better. He challenged him saying he could apply himself and make captain in eight years. Kirk contemplated his future on his Father’s PX70 motorcycle and then drove on to the grounds of the Riverside Shipyard, his mind made up. He gave his bike to one of the workers, and approached Pike, telling him that he would graduate in three years, not four. Onboard the shuttle, Kirk meets Leonard McCoy, a medical doctor, who is recently divorced saying his ex-wife had taken the planet in their divorce. They share a drink as the ship takes off.


Three years later Kirk confidently tells McCoy that he is taking the Kobayashi Maru test again. McCoy is shocked at Kirk’s confidence and cockiness. No one passes the test or even repeats it three times. Kirk left to “study”, which to Kirk meant meeting up with an Orion cadet named Gaila in her dorm room. They were interrupted by Uhura who had returned from decoding a message from the Klingons about 47 battlecruisers being destroyed near a prison planet. She undressed unknowingly in front of a hidden Kirk. Then she deducted from her roommate's behavior that she had yet another male companion in the room. She discovered Kirk and angrily threw him out of the room.

The next day Kirk’s cockiness in the simulation took on comedic proportions. Eating an apple, Kirk calmly gave orders as the test simulated an unwinnable situation. It was supposed to test a cadet's discipline and command capabilities when facing an impossible situation, and ultimately test their character while faced with a situation where there was no successful outcome. However, the program seemed to glitch, allowing Kirk to win, thus negating the test’s purpose.

Overseeing this test is Spock, a Vulcan, who is puzzled how the test failed.

Vulcan Attacked

 An inquiry due to the suspicious nature of Kirk’s win against the Kobayashi Maru is convened. Kirk demanded to know his accuser, and it was Spock. He had found evidence that Kirk had entered a subroutine into the computer making it possible for him to win the Kobayashi Maru simulation. The hearing was interrupted by the news that the Federation had received a distress call from Vulcan. The bulk of the fleet was occupied in the Laurentian system, so Starfleet was forced to commission the Academy cadets in this emergency situation. They dispatched the cadets to their ships immediately to begin a rescue mission. Cadets were assigned based on their aptitude, the best being sent to the USS Enterprise, the newest ship in the fleet. Uhura was assigned to the USS Farragut, which she found to be in error. She went to Spock to have this corrected. Kirk was not assigned, as he had been grounded due to the inquiry. McCoy, being a good friend, gave Kirk a vaccine that caused a severe reaction. Using the excuse that he had to continue the care of Kirk, they boarded the Enterprise. After hearing Ensign Pavel Chekov's ship-wide mission broadcast that they were headed to Vulcan to investigate reports of a lightning storm in space as well as seismic disturbances on Vulcan that may require evacuation, Kirk deduced that those who killed his father were back. He raced to the bridge to confirm this with Uhura, despite further injections to cease his now allergic reaction that distorted his hands and face. He was finally able to communicate with Uhura who confirmed his suspicions.

The Enterprise emerged from warp into a debris field of the seven Starfleet ships that had just been destroyed. They discovered the Narada had deployed a rig which is now drilling into the planet Vulcan. The Narada attacked and heavily damaged the Enterprise. Nero ceased the attack when he discovered that the ship was the Enterprise. Nero casually greeted a startled Pike. He ordered him to board a shuttlecraft to discuss a cessation of violence. Before he left, Pike asked the crew for men trained in advanced hand to hand combat. Sulu and Kirk affirmed that they were. He ordered Spock to accompany him along with Sulu and Kirk as he went to depart the ship. He promoted Spock to captain and made Kirk first officer, much to the chagrin of Spock. While the shuttle was departing for the Narada, Kirk, Sulu, and Chief Engineer Olson would jump to the drill platform to disable it and restore contact with Starfleet and the ability to transport as it was being actively blocked by the drilling platform. They jumped, starting their orbital skydive. Olson seeking further thrills failed to pull his chute at 2,000 ft and died after a strong wind gust drove him under the platform and into the beam that was drilling into the planet.

On the platform, Sulu and Kirk engaged with two members of Nero’s crew, defeating them and destroying the platform, but not in time. The damage was done and Nero dropped red matter into the hole causing a black hole to form inside Vulcan’s core. The planet would be destroyed in minutes. Kirk called for Sulu and him to be beamed up, but at that same moment, Nero had the platform recalled, which jolted Sulu and he fell off. Kirk leapt off and caught Sulu but the drag on his chute caused it to break off. At the last second, after running from the bridge, Chekov succeeded in pinpointing their location and beamed them to the Enterprise, where Spock told Kirk he was going to save the Vulcan Council, including his parents. Spock managed to reach them but his mother fell before the transporter could lock on to her, and she perished. The crew of the Enterprise watched helplessly as Vulcan was consumed by a black hole.

Spock and Kirk quickly came to blows over the correct course of action, to find Nero and fight or rejoin with the Fleet. Kirk wouldn't give up ground so Spock incapacitated him with a Vulcan nerve pinch and sent him in an escape pod to a snow-covered Delta Vega.

Spock and defeating Nero

Kirk found the planet’s animals not very hospitable but before he was consumed by one, an elderly Vulcan intercedes. It was Spock. Not the Spock of this universe, but one who traveled from the prime universe by accident because he had ejected red matter into a supernova that he had been unable to save the planet Romulus from. The red matter and the black hole had ruptured time and space sending Spock and Nero into the past. Nero's ship, the Narada was thrown over 150 years into the past while Spock arrived 25 years after Nero did. Nero was waiting and marooned him to let him watch helplessly as Vulcan was destroyed.

Kirk explained what had happened and that Spock was captain of the Enterprise, not Kirk. Spock then deduced that the universes were altered and split off by the destruction of the USS Kelvin and the death of Kirk’s father.

They journeyed to a Starfleet base where they met Montgomery Scott, an engineering genius who was exiled after he beamed Admiral Archer’s prized beagle into parts unknown. They formed a plan to beam onto the Enterprise using Scott’s transwarp beaming theory. Before going, Spock gave Kirk the key to defeating the younger Vulcan...elicit an emotional response. They successfully beamed aboard the Enterprise and Kirk used Spock’s mother to attain his goal of getting Spock to lose control of his emotions. Kirk was beaten savagely by Spock until his father, Sarek stepped in to stop him and Spock stepped down with Kirk assuming command of the Enterprise. The Enterprise then caught up to the Narada and beamed aboard it. Spock found the elder Spock’s ship and inspected it. He discovered the truth about the elderly Vulcan when the ship identified him as the captain.

Kirk retrieved Pike and they escaped by tricking Nero’s second in command and blasting him point-blank with his own weapon. Kirk gave Nero and his crew the chance to surrender, but they refused and the ship was destroyed, causing another black hole to form because of the escaped Red Matter. Scott ejected the warp cores which countered the black hole’s pull saving the Enterprise, Earth and the Federation from Nero.


Upon return, Kirk was commissioned as an officer in the United Federation of Planets Starfleet with the serial number SC937-0176CEC. Making good on his boast to graduate in three years. He was given command of the USS Enterprise and Spock joined him as his first officer.

A year later Kirk was demoted after violating the Prime Directive on Nibiru by saving Spock but exposing a pre-warp civilization to the Enterprise, believing it to be a god. Facing the possibility of having to return to the academy and losing command of the Enterprise, Kirk drowned his sorrows at a bar. Pike found him and informed him that he would be assuming command and that Kirk would be reduced in rank to Commander and be his First Officer.

The two were ordered to attend a summit regarding the bombing of the Kelvin Memorial Archive in London. The perpetrator was a rogue commander named John Harrison. As Kirk analyzed the surveillance of Harrison at the debris site and questioned why Harrison would bomb an archive for the information he needed he then realized what was about to happen. Harrison would be aware of Starfleet protocol. That such an attack would require a meeting like this one where all of Starfleet's top brass were assembled. Harrison then attacked the meeting with a small gunship. Kirk was able to disable the ship he was using but Khan beamed away. When Kirk returned to the devastated meeting room, his friend and mentor Christopher Pike had been killed in the attack.

Kirk was informed that Harrison had used a portable transwarp beaming device to escape to Qo'noS, the homeworld of the Klingon Empire. He was promoted to Captain and Spock to his first officer, and given orders to hunt Harrison down.

Marcus gave the Enterprise seventy-two advanced long-range torpedoes to bombard Harrison's location from orbit, however, the warp core broke down. They disguised themselves as K'normian arms dealers, to find Harrison using a confiscated  K'normian trading ship. They find Klingons and then Harrison after the Klingons attempted to kill a negotiating Uhura. Harrison dispatched all the Klingons and then surrendered to Kirk. During interrogation, he admited that he wasn't Harrison but the infamous Khan Noonien Singh from the Augment Wars. He advised Kirk to examine one of the 72 torpedoes Admiral Marcus had given the Enterprise. They contained Khan’s fellow soldiers from the war and in cryosleep. Marcus had been holding them hostage. Marcus confronted the Enterprise from the USS Vengenace, a Dreadnought-class ship, demanding that Khan be handed over, but Kirk defied the Admiral saying Khan should be brought back to Earth to stand trial. He ordered Sulu to take the Enterprise to Earth. The Enterprise could not outrun the Vengeance though which fired, knocking the Enterprise out of warp near Earth and its moon. Marcus made it clear that the Enterprise would be taken out to preserve his conspiracy. He beamed his daughter to the Vengeance. Kirk and Khan ally to take down Marcus. They don suits and infiltrate the Vengeance. Khan easily deals with the opposing forces due to his superior strength. They confront Marcus and Khan kills him after Scott (who had hidden aboard the Vengeance) was unable to stun Khan. Khan demanded the torpedoes with his soldiers to be turned over to him. Spock complied but returned only the torpedoes and not the men in cryo. Khan returned Carol Marcus, Scott, and Kirk to the Enterprise as part of the deal but then turned on the Enterprise, continuing to heavily damage the ship. Spock ordered the torpedoes detonated, which crippled the Vengeance and sent a huge shockwave that pushed both ships into the pull of Earth’s gravity. Kirk and Scott reached the Enterprise's warp core and see the problem is easily fixed if they had the time or a radiation suit. Kirk, knowing it’s certain death, knocks Scott out and repaired the warp drive, saving the Enterprise. Scott awoke and called Spock, who found Kirk dying where he displayed the Vulcan salute to Spock and died from radiation poisoning.

McCoy had experimented with Khan’s blood with a tribble earlier, it too had been exposed and died but had come back. Realizing that Khan’s blood was the key to saving James Kirk, they quickly capture the crashed Khan and revive him. Kirk would wake up 2 weeks later.

The Altamid Mission

Kirk would command the Enterprise through 3 years, finding the life to be “episodic” and not as fulfilling as he once did. On the eve of his 30th birthday, entering a year older than his father was when he died, Kirk felt lost on why he was a part of Starfleet. When a rescue mission was offered, he took up the opportunity and volunteered. It was a trap. The Enterprise was badly damaged by a swarm of ships tearing it apart. Kirk realized that the goal of these aggressors was to capture a dismantled artifact weapon. Kirk saw that the Enterprise was on the brink of destruction so he handed the artifact off to Ensign Syl and ordered the Enterprise to have its saucer section detach to save the crew. The saucer descended to the planet Altamid below and crashed. The crew discovered that the trap was laid by Kalara and Krall, both of whom were human crew members of the USS Franklin in the 22nd century during the period of the  Romulan and Xindi wars. They had come across artifact technology that mutated them but allowed them to keep extending their lives. Krall was bent on destroying the Federation, having gone insane. He had acquired the artifact weapon, restored it, and planned to use it at the nearby Starbase, the Yorktown. Kirk tracked him down on the Yorktown to the ventilation hub before he could release the bioweapon. Kirk opened an airlock flushing the weapon, Krall, and almost Kirk into the void of space. He was rescued by Spock and McCoy just before he was sucked out. Kirk found retrospection on why he wanted to remain in Starfleet and continued his mission on the brand new USS Enterprise-A.

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