How Star Trek Strange New Worlds Is Different From The Original Star Trek

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How Star Trek Strange New Worlds Is Different From The Original Star Trek

The first-ever episode of Star Trek did not star Captain Kirk and didn't feature many of the faces most fans are familiar with. Instead, the episode featured the crew that, in continuity, helmed the USS Enterprise before the cast of the original series. Now, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is taking viewers back to this crew's adventures.

So, how exactly are the TOS USS Enterprise and its crew different from the Strange New Worlds USS Enterprise and its crew? And what is the connection between Captain Pike and Captain Kirk? We're looking at these questions and more right here.

The Crew of The Original Series USS Enterprise

Before diving into the connection between the Enterprise of the original Star Trek series and the Enterprise of the new Star Trek series, it is important to understand the basis for both shows. This will help make their differences make sense.

The original Star Trek series premiered back in 1966. It followed the adventures of the crew of the original USS Enterprise as they went about their "5-year mission" of space exploration.

In this series, the USS Enterprise was crewed by Captain James T. Kirk, with Spock serving as the ship's science officer and first officer.

Before the Original Series

While most fans are familiar with the cast of the original series, the cast that premiered in the show wasn't its original cast. A pilot episode had been filmed with a mostly different cast of characters.

"The Cage" was intended to be a full episode of the show. It featured Captain Pike and his crew responding to an emergency on a faraway planet.

However, this pilot was rejected by the network. Instead, new episodes were filmed with a mostly different cast and some subtle changes to the Enterprise set. The big connection between both shows was that Leonard Nimoy's Spock remained, though even his character was slightly altered.

Since "The Cage" had not been released, it seemed its destiny was to be forgotten.

The Return of The First Crew

Ultimately, "The Cage" was not forgotten. Instead, elements from the story were incorporated into the Star Trek original series two-part saga "The Menagerie."

This episode saw the return of Captain Pike. It also established that the events of "The Cage" still happened, they just happened to the previous crew of the Enterprise. This version of the crew helmed the ship immediately before Captain Kirk's crew took on the role.

Furthermore, the fact that Spock appeared in both shows remained in continuity. It was explained that he served under Captain Pike then and now continues to serve under Captain Kirk.

Later on, the crew of the show's pilot was seen again. Star Trek: Discovery, a recently released show that takes place before the original Star Trek series, saw the crew of the Discovery come into contact with the Enterprise. This brought Captain Pike and his crew back into the fold.

The Crew of the Strange New Worlds USS Enterprise

Star Trek: Discovery reintroduced Captain Pike's USS Enterprise crew. While these are mostly the same characters originally seen in "The Cage", they are all played by different actors in order to match the age the characters would be at this time.

This means that Captain Pike is at the prime of his career and that Spock is younger than he would be in the original Star Trek series. In addition, like Spock, a younger version of Nyota Uhura appears as one of the Enterprise's crew.

This same crew and cast of actors stars in Star Trek Strange New Worlds. This series follows the USS Enterprise in the days before Captain Kirk took over.

The Look of TOS USS Enterprise

The Enterprise is one of the greatest fictional spaceships of all time. The version seen in Strange New Worlds is supposed to be the same Enterprise seen in Star Trek the original series. However, observant fans will notice some differences between the two ships.

Over the course of the original Star Trek episodes, fans were often treated to shots of the Enterprise's interior, particularly the bridge. However, in retrospect, it is a little hard to say that this interior was that impressive. Instead, what was supposed to be a futuristic spaceship actually looked pretty plain.

The Enterprise's basic design was seen in many places. The bridge, in particular, mostly consisted of blocky computer terminals sitting in front of chairs. Other rooms had a plain look to them that, now, feels like it lacks embellishment.

These problems were mostly due to the show's budget. At the time, Star Trek was a new show and executives had no idea it would turn into a massive franchise. Even what is seen in the original series pushed the show's budget.

The Strange New Worlds USS Enterprise

Meanwhile, the USS Enterprise seen in Strange New Worlds has changes made that make it feel more futuristic.

The interior of the entire ship has a metallic design that makes every scene feel shiny and new. There are also additional lights that highlight futuristic elements or simply feel futuristic on their own. Even the blocky terminals now have modern curves to them.

The bridge of the Enterprise is also bigger than before. While the bridge on the original series could feel a bit cramped, the new bridge looks wonderfully spacious.

It seems like, again, the aesthetics were a product of budget. The original series struggled just to have the first episode released, so it seems unlikely they could expand their budget. Meanwhile, Strange New Worlds is one of the most in-demand shows out there right now.

While these aesthetic changes may not exactly make sense within the greater Star Trek continuity, they are easily explained by the simple reality of television production.

Differences in Enterprises

The TOS USS Enterprise and its crew may look different visually from the Strange New Worlds USS Enterprise and its crew. However, in canon, they are they are the exact same ships and crew that have a connection that spans decades of real and fictional history. Whether controlled by Captain Pike, Captain Kirk, or others, the Enterprise and its mission will continue.

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